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Moving away from estranged parents

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I have a situation coming up very soon and I'm not sure how to handle it. I have an idea, but I thought I'd see what you guys think. I am estranged from my parents, have been from my dad for about a year and a half, and from my mom for about 4 months. I've posted here about them before (it's what brought me to ENA), but to sum it up quickly they are just horrible, negative, judgemental, small minded people that did a lot of hurtful, cruel things to me and my husband.

We are in a very small town and they live in the country about 40 minutes away. To say it makes things akward is an understatement, especially being my Grandma (mom's mom) lives just down the block. My husband and I fear even going to the grocery store incase we should bump into them. We're constantly on guard. Everytime we hear a vehicle on the street we're peaking out the window worrying it might be them.

Not liking being in a small town, and needing to get far away from my family, we put our house up for sale and it has recently sold. We are now packing and moving 1200 KM's away - I can't wait!!!!

Anyway - getting to the point - having Grandma just down the street, they know the house is for sale, but no one knows its sold and we're moving in 3 weeks. We haven't told any of my family for fear of them telling my parents and them beginning to harass us.

So my question is, how do I handle this? I do not want my parents knowing where I am, or phoning us, but yet I think they should know incase of any emergencies. None of the family really have anything to do with my parents cuz they are so screwed up, so even communication through other family could be hard.

I don't even know why I posted this because I don't even really know what I'm asking....I was thinking that once we're moved I'll maybe send them a letter telling them I've left, what city I'm in, and that if they ever get their s**t together they can have a relationship with us. I don't want them to have our phone number - so I suppose if I give my number to someone in the family they have an outlet to send important information.

This situation is just so new for me, not sure how to handle it. I don't want anything to do with them. Yet them not even knowing where I am or how to reach me seems so weird.

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I have been at that crossroad for a long time. It is like being in a a backbend permanently!


Should I do it or should I not? You can drive yourself nutso. So, okay..I'll do it, say goodbye once and for all...oh, but forever? That's pretty darn painful, huh?


I like the idea of the hotmail account. If that won't work, you could get a PO Box # and send it to them by mail.


Kudos to you for being strong!!!!

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