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Feel like I am being pushed into.....


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I feel like I am being pushed into an relasionship with a friend by my parents and her parents. Well I think she is cute and I know that she likes me but there is a 5 year diffrence I know that you guys will say that is not that bad but it is I am 21 and she is 16. I remember when she was a baby and that is just weard for me. So what should I do?

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I'm seeing someone who is 16 and I myself am turning 21 in a few weeks.


I don't know what the legal age of consent is where you live but if she isn't legal then consider the aspects, even if you two don't have sex.


Even she gets a case of sour grapes when you split up with her she might say you committed statutory rape on her. Could happen with these young birds.... all cute teenage girls seem more psycho then Norman Bates these days....

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hey cid

when looking at your previous posts, i know that your girlfriend (if its still this title) has gone to iraq and that you have strong feelings for her, then to you if she is still in your mind despite not hearing from her in two weeks, that in itself is something that shouldnt be experianced by this other girl. i mean for her to fall for you yet you still in love with another is tough on someone that may not have loved before.


besides your heart is your own if you do not wish to be with her, i would expect your family to take note of this. plus your own beliefs in what age is correct for you and what is too much then stick by that. i have always struggled with being myself and making my own decisions, so please dont go down that track it isnt attractive.


make your own choices and Jonny_has, has got a point in what hes saying.


look its up to you, not someone else. and your mind, body, whatever will know when youve found the right one, dont let it be forced.


so state your opinions and no one will get hurt in the long run!

good luck with you decisions


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Maybe go out on simple "fun" dates and see if you still think of her the same way - I can understand how it would feel having seen her grow up and her always being a "little girl" to you. Make it clear to her if you do you're asking her as a friend, so she's not misled. If you end up seeing her differently, deal with that when it comes up.


If it doesn't change, and you only feel big brotherly or friendly towards her, explain it to your parents as simply as possible - that having seen her in a diaper, you can't see her as gf material. Chances are they'll back off if you've obviously considered it and have a good explanation for them that makes sense. And you'll still be on good grounds to have a simple friendly relationship with the girl.


Good luck! And hope you hear something from your gf soon - I know waiting is a hard thing to do.

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Well i'm turning 17 soon and my boyfriend is 20...and i think there is a difference. Not exactly in the age, but for the fact we've both reached different points in our lives. I'll admit something to you, teenage girls like me, get WAY overly attached...if she likes you already she'll end up liking you A LOT more when you go out. If you're not already THAT much into her i suggest you don't go out with her, you'll just cause problems for yourself. Right now, things aren't going that great with my boyfriend because he says i'm overly attached to him and sometimes he thinks i may be too young. I'm know he's right and i'm trying to figure uot what to do, but i'm in this whole dramatic stage in my life and i get sad if lets say he won't call when i want, or it takes him long to reply to my emails...BUT HEY, that's how teenage girls are hehe and i'm admitting it to you. If you go for a girl ur age, you'll probably end up with less troubles and spare this 16 yr old girl of being hurt.

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Hey Cid! I think that you should talk to her a bit and get to know her better and see where things go on from here. I myself have never been in a situation like this so I don't know what it is like, just trying to give it my best shot. But if you find that you don't like her in that way, but just want to be friends, that's fine. No one has control over how you feel, your parents and her parents should know that, but just give it some time and see where things go from here.

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