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What in the Heck does this mean...did i miss out here???


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Alright so, this is what it breaks down too..... This girl i like "Sarah" (by the way we're both 14)is sending me mixed signals which may derive from a web of lies told by one of my friends that decided to be the bastard he is sometimes. Anyway Sarah and I are pretty good friends, she walks home from school and i do too and we walk together acassionaly just chatting but yet sometimes we hit awkward moments of silence which comes to my first question: Does this happen because we're both nervous or does she just find me boring? Is there a way to tell??

Anyway Sarah doesnt flirt too much with guys which is good because that makes her a pretty safe bet in a relationship, shes what i consider a hidden secret to most guys because not many have noticed her, she sorta hides in the shadows if ya catch my drift (and no that doesnt mean shes a goth, its just a figure of speech) Anyway so i was considering asking her out, but one problem stood and may still stand in the way....

One of my friends who is a bastard sometimes decides he's gonna tell one of her friends the truth......well that friend just happened to be a person i liked a year before. Well harmless right?? no. Another of my friends was sitting nearby and decided he was gonna defend me by telling her i liked her...(this is because i had told him i liked her a year before and he chose to remember it for some reason) Well what i'm thinking is that what if sarahs friend mary (the girl i did like) has told sarah that i like mary instead of her. and furthermore what if mary decided that the thing about me liking her was a lie, and just told sarah i like her while ommitting the info about me likeing mary?? Complicated enough?? lol have fun answering this one!! Hope you can give me some info on this situation and what i shoudl do accordingly. Thanks

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Just to add a little bit more by the way this was another bother i faced.....well it sorta is her religion....shes catholic (i'm methodist) and i'm not saying all catholics are strict but Catholocism is know to be a stricter religion especially when it comes to love and relationships, will this put a dent in the possibility of us dating at the age of 14??? How do you think her parents would react??

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lol Spartacus take it easy! Don't worry so much about religions, ur 14 as long as you learn to love one another somehow, it won't matter at all for a while.


Tell you what, save urself from assumptions and what you can't predict. Tell Sarah how you feel about things and ask her out. Its a great way to explain what's goin on as well as seein if you can get her as well. Awkward moments of silence means nothing, everyone experiences them wether ur the most exciting guy or not, sooner or later, people run out of things to say. One possibilty that I usually experience is that I'm really talkative and if the other person isn't as much, we usually have lotsa silences in between which truly are awkward as you want to break the silence but at the same time its just not comfortable which causes nervousness anyway. Just remember this, silences will not 100% mean that ur boring! And she seems like a quite girl so its hard to tell.


So yea, ask her out, she'll understand that you liked mary before, at age 14, we all move crushes pretty fast likin this person this week and another one the next month etc etc.


lol: "she sorta hides in the shadows if ya catch my drift (and no that doesnt mean shes a goth, its just a figure of speech)"


Don't stress. Smile!

Happy Heb

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