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Involving the kid


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I'm a bit confused how to handle this. Minor, not so minor issue.


I live with my sister (and her kid, single mom) and we got into a fight, after which she orders her kid (5yo) to stop speaking to me. I don't expect to talk to my sister any time soon because the issue we fought about has been going on for a while now and it's really just easier to ignore her and live separately, so to speak. The problem I have is with the kid, whom I am close to.


At first I found it humorous that my sister is behaving so immaturely and treated the boy normally, but after loud reprimands (to the kid) etc whenever she sees me talking to the kid, it's really starting to annoy me. I'm almost tempted to tell him if you think mommy is being stupid, you don't have to follow her, lol, but, no, I won't. First, I feel bad for the boy, and well, who knows what crap she's telling him and he'll start believing. Next, by following his mother, he can border on rude -- and this I will not take from a 5yo regardless of the reason.


So, hm, how do I deal with the child who is around me most of the time (I work soho)...

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Oh that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time. That is obnoxious behaviour, your sister involving her child like that.


I am sure you will get lots of posts saying the same thing. Print them out and give them to your sister.

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She is teaching her child immature and manipulative behavior. children learn by watching adults,.


Be the better adult, give this young person a good example in his life. He will see it and remember in life. it's a shame his mother can't see how important it is to live the values we teach our children.


Shame on her, she should go to her room and think about it until she can behave like an adult!

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Yes, her being obnoxious and rude on a different matter are pretty much the reasons we fought.


Just ME/Myth-- if by being the better person you mean ignoring/avoiding the child, I don't know I just find it cruel? And he might think I'm mad at him? Or he'll think his mother's right? So, as of late, I just smile and wink at him in secret, lol sounds funny, but I'm worried he might put meaning to our sudden no contact.


Crazy sisters. Meh.

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I think that continuing to show affection to your nephew is your only real option here; poor guy, it's not his fault. So yeah, I think you are doing the right thing - try not to behave toward him in a way that might get him into trouble, but find ways to comunicate with him.


She sounds difficult but if I was you I would take her aside and say something about how it's not fair on him. But as I write that I think this might only inflame things; probably highly doubtful she'd take your parenting advice from the sounds of things...How frustrating!

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