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  1. Heh. 6mos, congrats. Hope it eventually turns out closer to what you need, Wayfara. Good luck!
  2. Hey oddball girl. Just give it some time- your mom, E and yourself. As long as you're more times happy than miserable in the relationship, you can let it grow a few more months, then re-evaluate.
  3. No more, you've already said your piece (uh, kinda). Let it go for now. It's one thing to communicate, but another to have 'A Talk' every time you see each other. I'd pull my hair out if someone did that to me, lol. Just let it be a guide in the future. Hee, maybe one day you should tell your mom you feel guilty because you turned E gay. lol. Good luck with your friends. Hard enough it's a gay relationship, AND it's with someone they really dislike. Well, just go with what makes you happy
  4. Eh, maybe it's how she said it, but if that "i wanna rip your clothes off" line came off the way I imagine it, I would probably have convulsed with giggling and said, "Yes! VERY happy." Well, it's all about tone.... If you really are willing to go through the whole nine yards-- as of now, an important objective is to let her know thinking of those things shouldn't shame her. She should get comfortable with that first, before anything else can happen. So, instead of equally getting upset and mad at her, maybe next time you can be more reassuring/relaxed about it to show her you don't find
  5. Good luck with the decision. All I can throw in is that things can always change, nothing's set on stone If this is the ending, at least it's on a better note. If this is the continuation to another chapter, yay for communication.
  6. RE: knowing she's gay, I think she's known even before you came into her life, so to your mom's relief, I don't think you were the clincher When I said experimenting, I didn't mean 'playing with you' experimenting, but more of she's trying to estimate or study herself through you. Know what I mean? Since it wasn't exactly an official break up (not even mutual), maybe you'd want to toe the ambiguous not-so-ex-but more-than-friends line Just go over there like normal, bring a tub of ice cream and you two just enjoy a movie marathon. If "the talk" comes up, tell her what you wrote here, t
  7. Possibly she knows how the drama's going to proceed and would rather keep things mellow for now? Wayfara, sorry to read about how your dad acted, but at least he seemed to like her. About her not so entusiastic reply to the question of if she loves you, I don't know. Give it some time, a couple of months or so (if the happy times with her outnumber the crummy ones) but eventually, it will come to a point when she's asked if she wants to be in the relationship as much as you do, her answer should be yes. Earlier, she was wary of you experimenting on her, she's sort of doing it herself now.
  8. Why don't you ask her and not let it fester? Calmly tell her how you feel about it. About your dad, yea, I think you two are better off just saying you're best friends for now. And tell your mom you really care about E that if she does/says anything that'll make E feel bad, you'll take it against her.
  9. Wayfara, did I forget to mention your mom in my last post?? lol. I just read it again now, sounded funny. Was rushing that time. Anyway. The convo at E's mom's place was pretty hilarious. "Uhm, yeah, talk about us like we're not here...." Yeah, just keep it slow paced as it is. But if you REALLY need to kiss her, maybe when you as you arrive and before you leave, as you give her a hug, you can give her a quick sweet kiss (and make sure you don't make a big deal out of it, just do it casually, no asking for permission). *Ahem* Wayfara, please take note: QUICK kiss, nothing over the top,
  10. Get around to telling your mother first (right timing! right timing!). You can gauge from there if it's a good idea for your mom to get to know E better. If your mom seems ok with the idea of you being gay, I actually think your mom can eventually warm up to E.
  11. I think you should wait til your dad leaves and let your mom know first. Gain an ally, in other words And do it alone, ot with E in tow. Pick a good time, sit her down. Tell her you'd like to share something but you need her to listen and not interrupt until it's over, then you'll listen to what she says afterwards. If she interrupts, gently remind her that she promised to listen only, so you can let everything you need said be said. Make a list even, if you think you need it to guide you. Explain everything, esp. the part that it is you who sort of convinced to give this a try. Then afte
  12. LMAO! Why'd I imagine that scenario (soft lights, W and E all cuddly and smooth talking) with Jungle Fever suddenly playing in the background?? lol! Oy. Blast from the past... Way to go Wayfara! Whatever strategy you take, just make sure you two constantly talk. Don't be afraid to ask her.
  13. Go tell her that. Tell her you just want her to be happy, but when you saw her cry, it alarmed you and this makes you feel like the relationship's a burden on E. (She'll then tell you if it is or isn't) Then like I said earlier, assure her that things don't have to go faster than before, that you're quite content to just be there for her. Though she's attracted to you, she obviously confused if she likes you as a friend or as a gf. Ask if she's re-thinking the relationship, that she might want to go back to being friends, she won't lose you. Based on her personality type, she's a black and whi
  14. Hmmm... I think you two should talk. You didn't really get to when she was crying and both of you were upset. Don't get me wrong-- I think taking a break is an equally good idea, as trying to work this out. It's up to you, how much you're up for. I would encourage you to consider the latter, only for the fact that you two have already gone on for this long, why not try again and be certain if it's (not) gonna work out for sure. I can think of a few reasons what eventually led to her crying. One, as you mentioned, disgust for the act. Another, she could have been crying about herself, what s
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