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any good break up songs?


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Your Sweet Voice - The Reindeer Section

The End of the World - Vonda Shepard

You Could Be Happy - Snow Patrol

On A Day Like Today - Keane

Out of Love - Aberfeldy

You'll Think Of Me - Keith Urban


I have a playlist for when I'm feeling crappy - these are a select few. Feel better hun!


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PM Dawn - I'd die without you

Air supply - All out of love

The righteous brothers - You've lost that loving feeling

R Kelly - I can't sleep baby (if I)

Bonnie Raitt - I can't make you love me

Mariah Carey - Can't let go

Lemar - Time to grow

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Chris Isaac

can't do a thing to stop me

King without a castle

spanish song

forvever blue

you owe me some kind of love

-every thing I think he wrote!

leon russel-song for you

eagles-best of my love

sade-bullet proof soul

jj cale-sensitive kind


They are not hard to find, broken hearts have inspired thousands of talented songwriters.

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Tile :Sugababes - Stronger

This is lyrics from [link removed[/url]

I’ll make it through the rainy days

I’ll be the one who stands here longer than the rest

When my landscape changes, rearranges

I’ll be stronger than I’ve ever been

No more stillness, more sunlight,

Everything’s gonna be alright


I know that there’s gonna be a change

Better find your way out of your fear

If you wanna come with me

Then that’s the way it’s gotta be

I’m all alone and finally

I’m getting stronger

You’ll come to see

Just what I can be

I’m getting stronger


Sometimes I feel so down and out

Like emotion that’s been captured in a maze

I had my ups and downs

Trials and tribulations,

I overcome it day by day,

Feeling good and almost powerful

A new me, that’s what I’m looking for





I didn’t know what I had to do

I just knew I was alone

People around me

But they didn’t care

So I searched into my soul

I’m not the type of girl that will let them see her cry

It’s not my style

I get by

See I’m gonna do this for me


(repeat chorus til end fade out)

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