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Catch up soon?


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God, I feel really silly but I met a man, had a date and we hit it off, i left him a message saying I had a fantastic time and would like to meet up again. He sent me one back saying yea he thinks that we should too and he said "so take care catch up soon." and a little pair of hugging cute smilies.


What now? Do I just leave this space from him to fill and fix a date or should I reply saying "cool, speak soon"? My gut until 15 minute ago told me to leave him set something up but now I'm not so sure.


He knows I'm away this weekend and I don't want to come over too keen or desperate but I also don't want him to think I'm rude or annoyed that he didnt set up a date and am ignoring him.


This dating thing rises such anxiety in me, I never know what to do for the best.

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Once you get back from this weekend ask him if he'd like to get together for but that you know he is busy, so if he cannot you understand.


This way if he likes you, he will def make sure to get together, but if he doesn't then you leave the door open to say he is busy and it makes this less awkward. There is no problem in seeming a bit forward. It's how you find things out.

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