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Moving is the last chance!.

MD Geist

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I have figured out the problem with my sitaution!.


Its not me in fact its the area iam living isn't so good for socializing at all with other people. Its like people around here want to be left alone, very difficult to meet anyone here since it mainly consist of eliderly and miltary familys leaving next to nothing for us the youth. Not to mention everything thats great about this place is located in Denver!.


The dating scene isn't so great here, iv'e been told many times its the worst place to try and date someone here in this partilucar spot from other people who have moved around a bit and has experience from other citys.


Further more the girls here for some reason love Army and Air force guys! since the USAF acadmey is on the northend side of town while fortcarson is on the southend afterall this is a miltary town with almost 5 bases here thats the big thing here. Leaving us with hardly anything to work with mostly single moms in their early 20's theirs also an abunance of them here.


Don't get me wrong you can find one girl here that you like with hardly any issues its just finding that one! is the hard part. Otherwise everybodys from out of town or just married, divioriced or in relationship here and the market is very small.


Iv'e thought about departing from my current location in the next couple of years just to see if I have better luck somewhere else. But well see what happens if by the end of the summer nothing happens ill take this option into concideration or perhaps meeting someone out of state.

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I am in the same boat. I live in a very small town with maybe 1000 people...yes i did say only 1000! LOL! I am moving in a few weeks to a city with a lot more people and places to meet other singles. Being out in the woods with only squirrels and moose to hang with will definetely not get me a date....lol! I think you are doing a good thing to move...good luck!

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You can find someone anywhere if you look hard enough. That being said, if you want to find a good one, then yes, a bigger city is the place to go. Just be sure to work on your social skills. Girls in big cities are very used to a higher level of communication than girls from small towns.

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Its a tough place to win here when the dating scene absolutely sucks here and all the good ones aren't as avaiable as they would be in other citys.


My life is great but I don't like to travel if this is the only way I could find someone then so be it.

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