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This girl at the mall........


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Ok so today me and my buddy went to the mall to do some x-mas shopping and we decided to check out the men's cologne section in Macy's. I look up and see this beautiful girl who works there ringing someone up. We make eye contact and she looks down right away. So I quickly lose interest in the colognes and just pretend like I am smelling them but in reality I am checking her out. I look at her again and she looks at me and looks away. So....after about 15 minutes of messing around at the colognes, she walks up to me and my buddy and looks at me and says, will you fill out a macy card application? She tells me she will get in trouble by her boss if I dont. So I agree just to make small talk with her. So she gives me an application and asks me to fill it out. She used a highlighter and had me fill out my address, name, and phone number only. I then realize that she is asking me for my ssn and all my other information on her register so she can process the app immediately. I sign my name electronically on the key pad and that is it. I asked her why I had to fill out the paper app if she does it all online. She said I could write whatever I wanted on the app.


So now the million dollar question, do you guys think she just wanted my address and phone number? I dont really think she gave a crap about me filing out an app. My friend said he knew this girl was interested in me just by her signs. But I have no game when it comes to chicks so I hope she calls me. She had to be the most gorgeous girl I saw at the mall all day. What would you guys have done in my situation? My friend said I should have given her my phone number, but I hope she just remembers it from my app. Would you guys go back and talk to her again?


I always tell myself that there is no way this girl could be interested in me, but for some reason, I think she was.

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bryan, you never know, but I guarantee one thing. If you keep thinking and acting inferior to her, that's exactly what you'll be.


The big "what if" situation huh. Here's the bad news LOL!!!: My girl works at Macy's and she gets 2 bucks for every person who signs up and up to 4 bucks on special days. One day she got 15 suckers..err... people to sign up and she bought the two of us dinner. Sorry to break it to you but your girl could've been in it for the money.


The good news is that she was giving you signs so maybe she is indeed interested in you. WHAT WERE YOU WAITING FOR??? CHRISTMAS??? Maybe Santa will leave her number for you in your stockings. NOT. Well, what you should've done was ask her for your number. Duh, what were you expecting anyone to say to you in this case? You know that, I know that and this whole board knows that. This way you wouldn't be in that "what if" daze you're in right now and kicking yourself. Here's what you should've said, "I showed you mine so where's yours?" This way you leave nothing to the imagination. Don't believe me? Then sit in front of your phone to see if she calls.


You ask, "Would you guys go back and talk to her again?" Well, yeah and you should too. This time you know what to ask for.


Good Luck.

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i agree with slider, but at least you might still have a chance, if she doesn't call you. you know where she works, obviously & if she always works on that same day then you know when she works too. i suggest going back & start smelling the colognes again. if she says, "hey, you where here whenever ago" then just start talking. if she doesn't say anything first then say something like "so, your working again"... i don't really know, just start a conversation with her & see if she still seems interested & wasn't just in it for the money & then ask for her number.

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One thing you gotta know is that she is NOT going to call you in this situation (even though she may want to very badly). Think about it, if you jotted down a girls number on an official application when you were working, would you feel right to just call her up? I mean this girl doesn't even know if you're single or not. For all she knows you're married with a kid and that number rings you and your wife's home.


The solution: go back and talk to her and swap numbers WITHOUT applications. You will then find out if she is interested or not.

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