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Dreams about ex, while in NC. YUCK!!!!!!!

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I am sure i am not the only one.


You see them, and EVERY QUESTION you ever had on your mind, is answered by them... YOU hug them, and embrace them in your arms and if feels so good. You say how much you love, and missed them and how happy you are. A rush of energy comes over you, and ALL THE PAIN you have felt throughout the break up is erased.


You wake up happy, and turn to your side to hug them.....


THen you realize they are not there....


All the joy turns into a sharp pain of hurt going through your stomach, and into your teeth.



**I have been praying alot and hoping that my ex doesnt hate me, and it is just still too hard for her to talk to me. I tried to restart contact with her but NO ANSWER. In all my praying, i ask for nothing but good things to come to her. I also ask to be given the power to continue day, by day.


In my LAST dream....we got back together, and My ex told me that she didnt hate me, she just couldnt talk to me for all that time because of the pain it would have started up. Also she DID say she would talk to me when she was ready


IS THIS A SIGN, that someone or something is telling me not to worry about her hating me?


I am hoping so. I cant lie that it makes me feel a LITLE GOOD, that she cant talk because it would hurt her. It shows me that obviously we were important enough, that our breakup was not easy for her, and still isnt (3 months later), and that our year together didnt end in her hating me!


Anyone else have this happen?

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I went through a very hard break up about 3 years ago and the dreams were incessant at first. Just as you describe - you wake up, imagining it was all real and she's right there with you, only to see that she's not. They died down, but I did have a very vivid one about 18 months after the split.


Does it mean anything? I'm of the opinion that it means that she's on your mind, and nothing else. If you believe in supernatural telepathy type stuff, then hey, more power to you... maybe she's communicating with you on the astral plane.


The feeling sucks. But the dreams will peter out. And one day you'll have some dreams about someone else.

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I don't think dreams really mean what they do mean. I recently had a dream of my ex refusing my advances and confessing to me that his family didn't like me after break up. It hurt and reopened a lot of wounds but I don't want to read into it any longer. It's just our minds releasing what we're thinking about, and I don't think it's much else more.

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I believe that this is normal. I still, to this day, dream about my first "love" from 10 years ago. I have dreams that we are hanging out and catching up. It almost feels as if we are together again but then my current GF pops into my head and I realize that it is a dream and I am much happier with my current GF


I always think of that Garth Brooks song after a dream like this UNANSWERED PRAYERS. It talks about how he would still think of his high school sweetheart and then when he finally bumps into her, he realizes that all the prayers and dreams that he had of being with her are answered. He realizes that he is better off without her and happier then ever with the one that he is currently with.


I think that you will find someone soon that you absolutely love and cherish and all those feelings will disapate. You will probably have dreams about your ex for years to come but I stongly believe that it is your minds own way of establishing closure between the two of you. No worries this is normal. Go find yourself an angel that loves you unconditionally.

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Oh its normal dont worry!! Its the worst part of it. I used to have dreams all the time.. happy dreams..and then awaken for them to be shattered. IT happened often. And the ex further down the line he said he had dreams as well, but not just the happy kind- he had dreams and thoughts similar to those you have. He thought i HATED him. he had nightmares in which I was miserable and wanted to kill him because of how upset he made me. Its madness i know!! But you will get through this, and you will get past it. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and keep venting your emotions on here until these dreams and thoughts stop bothering you so much. No one is going to kid you and says they will dissappear- they may still be around... but you simply wont mind as much. xxx

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Its been 3 months since our break..


Half the time i think i miss her because of how much i love her


The other half of the time, i think i miss her because i dont like being alone.


I wish i had all the answers!!!


Everynight, I HAVE STARTED saying the serenity prayer:





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This is totally normal. I've had 2.5 weeks of NC and the dreams were really vivid the first week or so, but now they're really distorted and I can't really remember them come the morning. You need to do something to take your mind off her. Go out with friends, ride a rollercoaster, bungy jump, sky dive - anything that will make you so excited that you won't dream of her. Walk Machu Picchu, camp at the foot of Everest, visit Rio, ski the Alps - the world is out there and none of it is impossible!


It worked for me during my first break up. I'm into motorbikes and dreamed of doing a road race. I paid an extortionate amount of money to do it last year and got my butt totally whipped but hey, another item crossed off my list before I croak it and I nearly had a cardiac arrest because of the adrenaline.


Oh and get yourself down the gym or do some exercise. The other day I ran outdoors until my legs gave way and I slept like a baby!

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