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Really not sure what to do..


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Ok so I really like a friend of mine and it seems like he feels the same way. The catch is though, that he has a girlfriend. I'm really confused on what I should do. He acts like he likes me in so many ways. He makes jokes about us being together in a realtionship and thinking/dreaming about me all the time and at times they seem half serious. And my friends say he stares at me whenever I'm near him. Also one day we were out and I saw this really good looking guy and just to see what he'd do I go, "Woah! Look at that guy! hes so hott!" My friend kinda got this weird look on his face and then he says, "Hes not that hott." Then after that the hott guy starts looking at me and my friend notices and puts his arm around me (jokingly of course??). Next there is the fact that he flirts with me alot. I'm not the only want to notice either and most of his jokes are about us as a couple. And then he touches me alot as well. On all different occasions and sometimes more than once he's held my hand, rubbing his thumb back and forth accross it, tickled me, hugged me, rubbed my shoulders if I was upset or just randomly, massaged my shoudlers, played with things on my thigh, and also poked me randomly. And lastly, sometimes he looks at me and gets this weird look on his face; like he blushes and then he looks at me in a way that if he didnt have a girlfriend I'd definitely say he had feelings for me. And then he stops and gets the saddest look on his face. But the fact is, he has a girlfriend and a lot of close girl friends that he also jokes around with too. Not in the same way or degree but still..


I've talked to some of my friends about this and have gotten mixed answers. Some say he's just a big flirt and other say he really seems to care about me. One of them said that we may have the thing where as really close friends, our friendship is developing into more but that he isn't sure how I feel and he doesn't want to hurt his girlfriend. Some say I should tell him how I feel and see what happens. Some say I shouldn't. I'm not sure.


So I'm asking you. Please, please, please help me! Do you think he actually likes me or is just a big flirt? And if he does like me, what should I do? I don't want to be the other woman but I have such strong feelings for him. He's absolutley amazing. Please tell me!

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I would back off. Respect yourself, respect others. He has a girlfriend and if it was you in her position how happy would you be to have a friend of his read to much into flirting or try to take it to the "next level". Let it go, if he's really into you who knows what the future holds!

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No I would never do anything like that. Of course not. It's just that all of the things he's done and If he didn't have the girlfriend I would say he definitely has strong feelings for me. Also my guy friend says the way he's acting probably means he has feelings for me but doesn't think I do for him and so is still with her A. to get me off his mind, and B. because he's afraid to hurt his girlfriend though he may not really like her. And that if I don't tell him, he succeed in forgetting about me. Plus he says there really is not much to lose?? the worst he could do is say Uhh no I have no feelings for you.

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Maybee that could be it but I dont know cause like.. My friends have been saying he does for months, practically since christmas and that I do too. I denied it cause of the gf and the fact that we're really good friends but lately I've been looking at our realtionship more and it seems like they're right. all the things I told you were completely true and noticed by my friends as well as me so.. I don't know.

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Having been in your exact situation, i would say Yes he does like you, and more so than just a friend.


However, he does have a g/f, and take it from me, even if you do tell him he still has a g/f. She wont magically disapear /shame.


You dont want a guy who will cheat on his g/f to be with you, as he would have no qualms about cheating on you...but theres no hope for you and him getting together while he is attached.


If you can hold those feelings inside until he is free, then please try - i couldnt, i told my friend, more than anything cus he was my best friend and i didnt know what to do. It was a weight lifted in one way, but a huge cloud in another as he admitted he felt the same way about me.


But months on nothing has changed, he still flirts and teases me and he still has a g/f - frustrating !


If he really likes you he wont forget you - good luck

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Coming from someone who was dumped to pursue one of these relationships, i strongly advise you not to do anything. I know i'm biased because i've been hurt by this situation, but think of it this way: do you really want to date a guy that is willing to leave his gf to pursue another relationship?

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