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Would this be mean???

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Hey, my cousin is getting married... I was never asked to be a bridesmaid, then I get this e-mail to pay $200 for a bridesmaid dress... Then I ask if this is a mistake, after asking, I am then asked to be a bridesmaid... This was very rude, I dont have the best relationship with her, the last time I talked to her was last christmas, talk isn't even the word.. She makes fun of me everytime I see her...


Anyways, she is having six others bridesmaids... Would it be wrong of me to say, I dont want to be a bridesmaid??? Also I am a broke college student, who doesn't want to pay $200 for a ugly yellow dress...

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Do it like this,


Simply return her email, saying'..."Congratulations on your marriage i'm so happy for you, I'll be there, but I wont be able to be a bridesmade...sorry, i'm broke, but congrats..Love Cousin Vicki.


This is not only polite, but its right to the point and lets her know that if she can't shell the $200 then guess what? Its audience Ville for you. Sorry Cuz...


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hhhhmmm, think about this one. What happens if you say no? I'm not going to say she was right or anything, she went about this the wrong way and who knows why she is asking. But consider what happens when you say "No". Will is cause family issues, etc. Will your parents have issues with her parents, etc. I always felt the request to be in a wedding or to be a godparent was not really a request. How do you say no? You can but it creates problems. I'd also ask your mother or father about this issue. What do they have to say?

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