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She Says Theres a Future But Has A BF

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Oka theres a long story to this, so I'll try to shorten it,...last febuary i began to like my friend anne, she is 16 years old, I am 18. When I finally got the nerve to tell her my feelings, she was sort of involved with someone, but the confusing part was that she said she had feelings for me too. But she nothin ever happened and i actually ended up getting into a quite serious relationship with the sister of the person anne was interested in. Now that relation is a whole story of its own, but lets just say i regret everything about it, and it lasted about 4 months. At the end of the for months Anne was dating someone else, but i hung out with her time to time. One of these times, while i was on a break from my ex-gf, Anne began to hold my hand and i didnt want to read into it and was quite confused, but i was later convinced that she liked me still once her best friend told me i was right and not just crazy. NOW heres the interesting part months later (now) i fell in love with her again, and i told her my feelings, but she is still with her Bf,...she said that she still has feelings for me and thinks there could be a future for the two of us,...theres definitly chemistry between me and her. She even went as far as telling me that she is afraid that she is going to kiss me, when im with her, (tho it hasnt happened , but she has no problem being around me. I feel that if her bf messed up or they broke up then everything would work out. But I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT. It Feels like i am getting a second chance and i dont wanna pass it by,...please help with any advice whats so ever,...THX

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Don't panic

I've been in this situation before as well.

I personally think that it's quite apparent that she's interested. Keep hanging around her, keep talking to her, hint about it every once in a while (not to much, dont sound obsessive)

I think the more that you hang around her the more she'll show interest. The second that she makes a move, or you make a move you'll be set. Seeing as how she has a boyfriend though I think I'd let her make the first move. I would say you have absolutely nothing to worry about, if she's showing this much interest in you now and she has a boyfriend then shes bound to do something about it.

Give it a week or two...If she hasn't made a move by then ask her to go to the movies or out to eat or something and if you feel comfortable in doing so make a move. I mean come on if she likes you she doesn't need to be with the other guy anyhow

Goodluck bud

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You think you're confused now, just imagine how confused you will be if you continue on with a young lady that can't make up her mind. Take yourself out of this equation until the both of you are single again. I guarantee if its meant to be, the wait will be worth it. Your 18 years old and you dont want to start off being a girlfriend stealer, the bad Karma behind that is not worth all the kisses Anne could give you in the world. If you care that much about her, than you should remain single for a while and hope that eventually you guys time will come. Until then, steer clear, or you will be the one to get hurt. I guarantee it.

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Right now, since she has a boyfriend, you're holding onto and hoping for something with her that isn't about to happen. Sure, she may be tempted to kiss you (or vice versa) but do you really want to "steal" her away from her current boyfriend. If it's meant to be then just let it happen -- don't force it to happen. She's not able to give you what you want from her right now. Keep talking to her and being her friend -- but don't expect anything more from her for now. If she truly wants to be with you and not just kiss you then she will come around. Careful or you may get hurt.

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