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Repairing Friendship

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This is the story of my friend and me. I was with this girl and did everything together with her. Initially she wanted to go out with me..but I wasn't sure but I finally developed feelings and wanted to tell her but couldn't cause I was afraid to ruin the friendship. Then she started dating another guy...so I told her how I felt cause I figured I had nothing to lose.


It's been about 3 months since I last talked to her. Last time I talked to my friend, she avoided me and hung up the phone saying, "I'm in a meeting bye". After that I didn't hear from her and I wrote her a long letter letting her go.


Ok, so how do I go about repairing this friendship? Is it worth it? I realize that I had my part in this frosty state between us because I chose the most inopportune time to tell her how I felt (two weeks after she started dating this new guy) and I pushed her for a relationship and fought with everything I had to get her to turn around. I almost accomplished my mission because she had tears in her eyes after I told her how I felt but she still didn't break off from this other guy. Over the next few weeks, I could feel her slipping away and then she got cold on me so I let her go.


So what do you guys think? Is this a friendship worth fixing? If so..how do I go about it? I think, I would rather have her as a friend than nothing y'know. It has taken me some time to get to this point..and I needed to do the no contact thing for awhile to get my head straight. It's actually been 5 months since I last saw her face to face.

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I've been in a situation very similar to this...A friend of mine liked me...I didn't like her....Then she didn't like me and I liked her....etc....Of course it's worth fixing, in the long run any friendship is worth fixing. Call her and tell her you want to talk to her. Meet up with her face to face, try talking it out...If you can't reach her on the phone go to her place and talk to her. When she sees your being sincere she'll talk to you about it. If you still like her, hold off on telling her...Wait until your talking again and on good terms then when your alone together open up to her about it. Hope this helps.

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Well I ran into them again..but this time there was a smile and a wave..but I still couldn't bring myself to talk to her while the boyfriend was hanging around. Am I going to be able to work this friendship out? I don't know what this guy thinks of me or what she told him about me...but should I even care? I"m thinking long range here...can I be friends with her while she's dating another guy? Can I be friends with her if she marries him?


Whatcha think?



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