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She's in my heart, but doesnt think so


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My girlfriend and I have been going out for a little over a month. I like her and I now know she really likes me. I am an extremely insecure and shy person. Im 17 and this is my first girlfriend. I liked her alot before we went out, but was so afraid of making a move and she made the first move. I've changed alot in the past few years. I'm not as nerdy..I've changed the way I look and act. I used to get picked on alot though. I think it's always stuck with me. I always get the impression that the people I talk to, dont prefer to be around me. Every friend I've ever had was because they came up to me and started talking to me. I dont know how to make friends. I've been friends with girls and I think I may have missed out on some potential relationships because I didnt make a move. I've also been questioned by people by them asking me if I dont like them because I always wait for them to make the first move to talk to me or whatever. I feel bad about it, but its become such a habit that I cant stop. I truly am grateful for my friends and girlfriend. I think about them more then once a day, but cant show it. I have hardly any self confidence and am always afraid of coming off as corny. Has anyone felt like this?Well, my girlfriend now has shown me that she likes me. I've always tended to analyze things and question everything as being genuine or not. Anyway, my problem is, I am an extremely sensitive, emotional, and romantic I think, but very closed off. I've been told that I have a poker face to the world. I've become extremely socially inadequate. I want to really show her that I like and care for her, but not come off as corny and not just resorting to saying it. Can anyone help me out?

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your girlfriend likes you for who you are - she must know that you're a little shy. Do what HollyBells suggests - get her a nice bunch of flowers, take her for a walk somewhere quiet and just tell her how you feel. Explain that you find it hard to talk about your feelings sometimes but you want her to know how much you care about her.


I think your girlfriend will appreciate it even more knowing how hard it probably is for you to talk about these things. I think though that once you get past the first time of talking about this, then it will get easier - and you will both benefit from you feeling confident enough to be more romantic with her.


I can sympathize with you - I find it hard to talk about my feelings - quite insecure and shy also and I think I've probably let so many chances go because of it. I'm determined that this won't stop me in the future.


Good luck - Hope everything goes well for you.

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hey man. i know exactly how you feel, all the things you said i have problems with as well like shyness and inability to express my feelings. I rarely even associated with girls until i got into hight school.


I am in the first serious relationship of my life and it's been going for about 4 months. At first i had the same problms that you have, i had a hard time expressing feelings and dealing with issues that we had and she was a little disappointed about it. but over time i found it easier and easier to open up to my girlfriend. I would think about nice things i could say to her and ways to tell her how i feel. try maybe writing a little note or an e-mail and just try to be a little romantic, you'll be surprised how much it can help with just a little effort put in, it will make her very happy.


I'm sure she will like whatever you have to say, and won't judge you for it even though you probly feel like it, just go with whatever comes into your mind and don't stress about it too much.


This all seemed to work for me so i think you should give it a shot and i hope you can have a much better realtionship with my help.


--Reply if you want, or if you have any more questions

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