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My sister is sending me her computer for x'mas. I tried to talk her out of it, but for some reason she says "your in school you need it more than me"

I am currently financially challanged and funds are really limited. Now thats just one problem

The other problem is My boyfriend who has done so much for me, and I want to get him something nice. I don't know, I'm so upset about the stress x'mas puts on people. Its crazy.

So anyhow, does anyone have any Holiday Ideas for those who are "Finanacially Challenged"???

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Another member here had an idea to create a scrapbook. Just buy some simple supplies and use photos, clippings, etc to put together something nice about your relationship.


How about an inexpensive pair of boxer shorts? Pick a pattern that has some meaning to the two of you. He'll remember you every time he puts them on!


I had a girlfriend buy me a wallet with a wolf picture on it. Simple and inexpensive, but I used it every day. It was great and I always smiled and thought of her everytime I pulled it out.

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i think that for your boyfriend he will understand if you can't buy him something really nice because of money problems, however it should be totally okay with him because getting things is not what the holidays are about. i say that you take a blanket and go somewhere quiet and look at the stars all night and tell him how much he means to you and how much you love him. that would be the best gift he would get. and as for your sister, write her a letter and thank her for the computer. ask her to come see you so you can spend some time together. call her on the phone and wish her a marry Xmas. well it's just an idea, but i think it will do.

see ya,

love Qtpie87

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Those are all nice Ideas but let me go into further detail.


This guy is the same guy who just drove my father and I (My father moved to Maryland this weekend)15hours there, 15 hours back..... then turn around came back home. He has gotten me so much, he's helped with gas, food, you name it, he's there, if I show up with some Scrap book, I'm afraid he will think I've lost my mind.


I need something else! And what about my sister, sending me a computer she is still paying ($900 the remaining balance)

I mean I can't compete with that...geesh, I'm lucky if I can spend $90 on her.

I mean what do I do, to get some more money before x'mas or is it too late?

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The idea about giving isn't about competing with others or about how much money you have. Its the thought you put into the gift. Thats the problem with all the advertising and hype around christmas. They make you feel guilty for NOT spending a lot of money. Well, who said you have to listen to the advertisers?


Ok, so your sister is giving you a computer. I'm assuming she knows you need it. She would probably have a fit if you TRIED to compete with that. Instead, keep it simple. Believe me, she will understand.


Same goes for your boyfriend. Obviously he must be aware that finances are tight for you. So he is going to understand that you aren't going to spend thousands of dollars on a gift for him. And if he doesn't understand that - well what kind of boyfriend would he be - hmmmm? You aren't really telling us he is so shallow that he would turn up his nose at a scrapbook - are you?


Does he wear jewelry? How about a bracelet or a chain? Does he golf? How about buying a box of golf balls (believe me, you can never have too many). How about a sweater? What kind of a budget did you have in mind? The possibilities are endless and you do NOT have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars?

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Hmm, tough one - is there anything either of them have mentioned or have an interest in that's not necessarily pricey - but something maybe hard to find, a collectible, or something they might not think to get themselves that would strike a chord with their specific likes? Does your bf go in for the "romantic and/or sexy" type of evenings at home? Any personality things that might give a hint of what they'd really appreciate?

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Surely Avman you know that i'm not saying my man is shallow hence his "driving to egypt almost and back" See thats just the thing, he is so special that I wouldnt dare give him some corny scrap book, "Who knows maybe I"m the shallow scrap book girl LOL"


I really wanted to get him something special, I mean i"m 23 he's 29, and well a Scrapbook is kinda Highschoolish, plus I've been with him so long, I know he wouldnt like that, "My niece would be more of the scap book person" My sister, is actaully not so hard, I can figure her out, he is the one I want to make something special for, I love him so much, I would give him everything, if I had it. I don't know , Your right, Advertisers do create a whole lot of uneeded pressure and make you feel guilty for not being rich, its rediculous...Who knows, I dont' want to go cheap, I want to go with something special.....I like Qtpies Idea the best so far, I think maybe a x'mas Picnic, I mean he loves to eat, Avman, your a man, what do guys like to eat.?????

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Oh Gawd, what do I like to eat she asks...


Well just because I like these things doesn't mean your boyfriend will. But here are some special things that I remember a girlfriend or my wife made me that I truly enjoyed:


German Chocolate Cake

Swordfish with lemon sauce and asparagus

Homemade cream cheese apple pie (mmmm, mouth watering)

Smoked salmon

Macadamia nut stir fry (I liked it so much i took the recipe)

Fried rice with all the fixins

Split pea soup & ham


Your mileage may vary How about making a homemade toga by putting on a bedsheet and feeding him grapes? THATS a nice touch.

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hence his "driving to egypt almost and back"


I find this statement incredibly hilarious because we Marylanders use this term to describe driving around the state a lot, at least those of us in the southern part of the state.


Why don't you try to plan a nice quiet romantic evening for your boyfriend? You could bake things a lot cheaper than buying them, and a memory is a lot better than anything money can buy anyways. Make it a night he'll never forget. Make him dinner, create the atmosphere with soft candlelight and then spend the evening with him. I'm sure he'd appreciate that more and you save money. Avman gave some interesting ideas for the meal, just go with what you know of him, I'm sure you'll find something he'll love. Besides, always remember that it is the thought that counts.

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If you want something less formal and more erotic - you can always do a fondue pot - not the cheese type, but cubed marinated (or plain with dipping sauces) steak, chicken, or pork, bite size raw veggies, and skewers - and feed each other. Or "heavy appetizers" like chicken or steak teriyaki strips on little skewers, and follow with melted chocolate and fresh fruit to dip in it. Depends on the type of atmosphere you want to create for the evening.

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