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Online.....called this guy i just met


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Hey Everyone, Last night me and my friend went into chat rooms just for fun. Everyohne who privately im'd me I would talk to for awhile then just forget about, because they were being very dirty. But this one kid i talked to was very sweet. He did however start to ask some sexual questions, but they werent that bad. And then towards like the end of the night, he asked me if i wanted to have phone sex with him. TO whihc i said NO. But he kept askin me to call, and i kept making excuses because i thought thats just really creepy. But then he started saying things like.....please we wont talk about sex at all but can we just talk?.....for a half hour? then he started saying please.....for 15 minutes? 10 minutes?.......he said......

''my cell phone is in my hand waiting for it to ring'' so i FINALLY gave in and dialed his number, btu it wouldnt go through. I think cuz he lives in New Jersey and i live in Mass. So i textewd him telling him what happened, and e textd me back and said that he got my message and that he would call me tonite.


Im nervous tho, I never gave someone my number from online. Just the other day i posted on here that u cant trust people from online.


Should i answer the phone Should i talk to him? Can he track me down ( not that he would probably but i get worried easy haha ).


O btw he showed me his picture ( i didnt give mine ) and I could tell it was a picture from a webcam, not from some online thing. And he says hes 17, whihc he looks.

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It is possible to track down somebody using a phone number. There are websites that can provide this information very easily. That doesn't mean he will do this, but it is very simple.


This is an excellent example of your previous posts where you have to be REALLY careful about what you do online. I wouldn't give out your number to somebody you just met online an hour before.


It makes no sense that the phone number he gave you wouldn't go through. Unless of course, he gave you a bogus number. It shouldn't matter where the two of you are located, if the number is correct it should go through just fine. This sounds suspicious to me so I would be very cautious about talking to him. Maybe one of your friends should be with you and listen in "just in case"



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Can someone be tracked down from a phone number? Yes. From your number? Depends. If you have a listed phone number, the answer is probably yes. A reverse number search, a bunch of which are available on the internet, would tell you whether you could or not. Try yours, see if it works. If it does, then you know. If you gave him a cell phone number, it is unlikely he could track you down. If you gave him a number that cannot be found, I'd worry much less about answering the phone.


Should you answer the phone. Your call. The world has weirdos, sickos, etc., but most people are fairly normal. Is he the sweet guy you first im'ed with or something else. No way to know for sure. I'd answer it, but would otherwise be very cautious. But, it's your call.

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Well it wasnt a phony number because I trextd him and he replied. And it is my cell phone, and my cell phone is in my dads name ne ways so if it came up a guys name instead of mine, i dont think he would do ne thing ne ways. And truthfully he sounded very very nice and sincere. Ill just see what happens, i can always let my voicemail pick up and see what he says.

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Since you gave him a cell phone number, I wouldn't worry and I would answer. It's tough to find the address of the person from just having the cell phone number. I'm sure it can be done with the right access to the cell phone provider. But these numbers are not commonly listed, so there are no easy to access databases with them. Just don't give him more info until you are comfortable doing that. I've known of women who require an actual meeting in a public place before giving out a home phone or any address, which is not a bad precaution.

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like the other said, just be careful. he seems disrespectful to me. like he kept pressuring you in to calling him when you said no how many times? & he kept talking about sexual things, even when you said you didn't want to. that is very disrespectful. maybe you should talk to him more online before you talk to him on the phone just to be safer & see if you can tell any thing from what he says. its really your desicsion though. just like the other post you made, you don't know if he really isn't some 45 yr old looking for an easy target. i mean, people can get any kind of pics of off the internet, so all i can say is just be careful.

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