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Should i get involved with her?


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So Last summer i worked at Shop n' Save. And after the first day i was like "crap there's just a bunch of old women (like over 50) here." so no one my age. Well on my 2nd day this cute girl walks in and i was like well that's pretty sweet. So We went through the entire summer getting to know each other and she's really cool and interesting to talk to. Well age wise i'm 20 about 3 months from being 21, and she's 21 soon to be 22, so only about a year difference. Oh and one big thing i guess i should mention which is the main reason i'm questioning this whole thing is she has a daughter, i think she's a little over a year old.


Well at the end of the summer i asked her out and she said yes and i was really excited, i mean kinda. Even though i liked her and everything, her having a kid threw me off a bit. Well then i had this little confrontation with her daughters dad over myspace. So i'm wondering is this even worth it? She's a great girl, but i just don't think that where we're going in life is in the same direction. So any advice or input would be great. Even if its re confirmation of what i'm already thinking. Sometimes it helps just to hear someone else say it, whatever IT may be.

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i don't date women with kids.




You are too young to have to deal with this. She may be a nice girl, but the kid is coming along for the ride. At 20, should be having fun with your friends and dating around.


I went through the same thing when I was 17, the girl was 19 and had two kids. I thought she was really cool, but I told her that I was sorry, at 17 I just wasn't ready to handle kids.

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