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Need Some Advice.....


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Ok, so my GF of 2 and a half years said some troubling things to me last week. She said she was confused and felt like her life was changing and that her feelings towards me were changing. She said she wanted to maybe take a break, but I said I couldn't do that. I said if we did that I would consider it a "break up". She said she didn't want that, and that we would stay together while she worked through things. This issue popped up again last night after a week where everything was going good.


We live about 45 minutes away from eacother and she doesn't drive so either I pick her up, I got to her town, or she takes the train. She started going back to school for her Masters degree in January, and this is when things started happening. She was getting VERY stressed out because she was working full-time, going to school full time, and taking care of her house and her elderly Grandmother. She said that she felt it was hard to fit in time for everyone (me, her friends, her Grandma etc.) including time for herself. If she had to stay in one weekend for school work, I would get disappointed since we can't really see eachother during the week. She started having problems being intimate with me as much as she used to and chalked it up to stress.


I'm not sure if her feelings really are changing, or if all of the stuff she is going through is clouding her perspective.

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Sounds like she legitimately has a hell of a lot on her plate right now, and I don't blame her for wanting some time to herself. Taking a break might really be what she needs. Her life sounds very stressful at the moment, and having to work you into the picture is probably making it worse for her. If you can take the pressure off for awhile, she may end up feeling more positive about your ability to understand her situation.


This might not meet your needs of a good relationship at the moment, but if you push for too much of her time right now, you might lose her altogether.

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