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Ok well sit back and get a tea or something this might take awhile.


Well call me ben and her amy in this.


Well it starts in grade 11 when I was waiting for my friends outside of school, everyday this cute little girl walked by must have been a year or 2 younger. So we kinda had that I like you, you like me stuff going on (Smileing/winking/hey hi there) stuff back and forth everyday. ID go home Killing myself everyday why the didnt I ask her out, she was on my mind 24/7 she was the only reason I went to school.



Teachers started saying Ben why are you coming to school so much more and even more staying the whole say, I wasnt one for school id go like 2-3times aweek thats it. She made me go everyday to see her face get that smile I waited all day for.. so I told myself ill do it ill ask her out so I wrote a letter why not you know all girls like letters and it will be easyer for me. by the time i wrote that letter it was the end of grade 11, GOD I LOST IT ALL SUMMER NOT SEEING HER FACE always keeping an eye open at malls and such for the the slightest sign of her smile.



grade 12 came I was the top dog oldest at the school girls liked me I never was one for them really i was that guy who everyone knew, hungout with all the popular kids at school, but after school I raced home to play video games a fair few people knew what I really was out of school. End of grade 12 last day waited after my friends left outside Yelling at myself in my head LAST CHANCE LAST CHANCE LAST CHANCE, she came out my heart sunk I knew it was my last chance so I started to walk towards her i got right infront of her said hey hun and kept walking by Kicked my ass that day.



So months later after i had been working in construction I couldn't knock her out of my mind so i pulled some stings and got her e-mail i messaged her she was so happy id contacted her. I took her out to a really nice place, spent like 250$ on dinner me and her, all night i wanted to kiss her finally it happened on my bed after dinner I yelled and clapped in my head finally happened something i waited over 2years to get I knew i loved her she showed me box's of letters she was going to give me, we pretty much felt the same and took things as we felt. i was a virgin she wasn't so pretty much after are first time she was like "Your done...???" and i almost dropped dead. lets fast forward here i am not writing a book. we got along so well everything was working out so well but she never let me over to her house.... turns out she didn't want me seeing where she came from it.. i lived in a 3million dollar house and she lived in a co-op (for people who don't know what a co-op is its a place that the government owns and your rent is labeled to your income say you make 300$ a month your rent is 50$ or so)



So we got really close no secrets but then one came..... she had this friend who had try ed to break us up countless times she was fat ugly raciest and had STD's. this friend well call her becky got in a fight with amy my girlfriend and they stopped talking about a week later i got a message from becky on facebook telling me my fairy tale isn't what it seems, I have always been insecure about myself looks size etc, but know I know i am good looking etc but becky says shes seeing another guy she has been for 3 months this is about a 1 yearish time, with out even thinking it over i said you know what becky its not going to work nothing you say would make me believe you.. I get another message this dark message i still see it in my mind read this "I have proof" .



SEND IT I messaged back she e-mailed me screen shots of this guy well call him by his real name I could careless at this point his name was david I facebooked david he was one of thoughs guys you just HATE Tall 6pack tanned jock had a motorcycle/Jeep/BMW, my heart died he was on the other side telling becky the same thing i don't believe you amy loves me id never believe you etc. So I message david and he tells me thanks for bring this to me ben its something me and katie are going to have to work out, i replyd DUDE shes mind. so I called amy and for about 4 hours and she told me it was true after 3hours and about 55mins ring ring i wake up the next day amy was calling i picked up and she said let me explain please so i caved this was the girl i loved after all. she was abit to open told me they have been having sex for 3months she had sex with us on the same day gave me herpes type 1 (cold sores) from him, i said why, why would you do this to me she anwserd i didn't give her enough attention.. so we slowy got back together she told david infront of me on the phone she never wants to see him and etc..



1 year 3months Im on facebook amys friend tagged her in a picture downtown at a club i was like great and showed amy she said it was taken ages ago but im not that stupid her hair was brown just dyed brown be for she was downtown to her dads for the weekend that week, she was in a top i could see right through and her breasts were hanging out and i kid you know you might be thinking im over reacting but this picture had to guys around her and i could see 1 full bare boob. and see the other one through the shirt, we got in a huge fight and she admits she stood outside the club for 5mins with her dad and these guys... YA RIGHT, took her back



1 year 8months together about 3 weeks ago she gets a message from that friend becky after becky keyed her car and went nuts on amy... you would think amy would hangup right but no not amy she talks to becky behind my back for a week then tells me.. I said she almost broke us up be for you wanna lose me again i wont sit by well your friends with her so amy said i love you ill stick with her you havnt slept apart for over a year now.. amy got a job at a restaurant near by frist night last night... God she looked so nice in her outfit i was so happy i went out and got her a new coat and flowers and a card.. she gets off at 9:30 i get a text at 9:50 Ben becky showed up at my work im going home with her please don't be mad i love you i dont want to lose you im sorry. and then she turned her phone off, so i get a text about 12pm shes saying im sorry i miss you i love you please forgive me im hurt someone hs hurt me i need help, so i didn't by into it. went to bed half dead feeling asthough my child my mom someone so near to me was just killed in front of me that feeling that just burns your chest eyes feel 10000 pounds arms feel crushed, wake up no texts no calls this is the end of my fairytale must be now i sit here broke after paying off her bills and mine and taking her everywhere and loving her more then anything, turned my back on my family, friends etc for her and i sit here alone my friends feeling, hurt, useless, alone, hopeless,


So I guess you can say what is he doing. Ill take anytype of feedback bad or good id love you hear if i am messed in the head or she is, if this is my fault or hers, if i should have let go sooner, or what. thanks and forgive me for having bad grammar I have a lot of learning disabilities and I am a little while you guys know if you have ever broken up with a loved one you know how i am feeling thanks for reading a chapter of my life.



By the way i am 20 years old she is 19 David was 23

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Hi Down, welcome to eNotAlone.


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Okay, this post is very long and confusing so you might not get a lot of replies. I will say, however that you need to let it go and just move on with your life. This woman cheats on you, gives you and STD and lies all the time. Too much drama. There are better women out there for you.

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