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my grandma needs anger management!


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my grandma is 67. quite young and agile still. but lately shes been exhibiting a whoooole lot of emotional variance. and she really really scared me today in the car.


she got a new car and we went to run errands together. she hasnt driven for a year or so because they lost their lost car to a crash. she was coming up on a parked car near the road and wasnt slowing down so i said "whoaaaaa, careful, im nervous because you havent really driven for so long".. (she had been driving oddly our entire trip keeping me on edge)....


and she just flipped her lid right there and then. immediately started screaming. and out of nowhere she goes "you're an idiot!" and i was stunned... and said "okay dont say mean things like that"..and she goes "well you're an idiot!".. it was nuts, i mean looking in her eyes she totally changed as a person, she looked full of hatred, i mean it was from zero to 200 in anger in like a split second.


she started picking me apart every which way, verbally abusing and demeaning and just tearing me down for the last 2 minutes of our ride. and then she breaked in the middle of my driveway and said "get out NOW".. i got out and she barely waited for me to close the door and sped off blowing gravel at me. it was INSANE, i kid you not. i seriously questioned her mental stability at that point.


shes on a lot of medication for various things. shes a hypochondriac as well so theres always something 'wrong' with her, physically. could it be the medication causing this sort of thing? i called my mom crying afterward because i was so shocked and it was so hurtful.


has anyone experienced a super super mean grandma??


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Yikes!!!! MAd Granny With Road Rage!!!!!


WOW..I bet that scared you Liz!!!! I would have had to laugh though...

only because it must have been so bizarre. Do you think she may be

getting dementia? Just doesn't seem normal. Is she normally a sweet little

ol lady? Or was she just feistier than usual?

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its interesting you mention alzheimers.

she has two brothers who currently have it (one just recently finally went into a nursing home), and her mother died of it. i have no idea the genetics of the whole thing or the chances of her having it. but i will look into that for sure.

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