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How do I help my girlfriend feel beautiful and confident?

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My girlfriend has had a problem with confidence and feeling like she's beautiful. She's trying to convince me that she has a little bit of a belly.


I took her to prom friday. We had a wonderful time and it was a great night. She looked amazing and she said she felt beautiful.

Saturday I sent her all the pictures and she was so disappointed in herself. She said she "was lying to herself that she was beautiful" and she insists that the truth is that she is fat.


I really want to help her. I want her to feel beautiful and be happy. She's always letting those lies keep her from being happy.


I try to compliment her and tell her that she's beautiful (and I swear she is) but she tells me that my opinions dont change the way she feels. She says its her decision and its in her mind; that is what is keeping her from being happy.


Anyways, I told her to quit talking bad about herself because she is bringing herself down when she does this, and she's not even being realistic.


She wants to lose weight (she is 5'5" and weighs 116) but it honestly wouldnt bother me if she didnt.


The problem is how she sees herself and how she's letting it affect her. The problem is not her weight.


Any advice and anything I can do to help her or make her happier?

I greatly appreciate it.

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my girlfriend (now ex) had the same confidence problem, especially since I'm a really slender guy and weighed a little bit less then she did. What I did to make her feel special was I would pick her up and twirl her around, not only dose that make her feel light its fun too. I would also surprise her with little gifts and notes that would say "you're beautiful" or a single rose, and sometimes since I'm a writer I would write her a poem.


Overall just be creative and continually reassure her how much you're attracted to her, and how she's the only girl for you.


Even if the compliments don't help much, it's something, and just be as supporting as you can because in the end she has to learn to see herself in a better light.

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First of all, I think she is lucky to have a wonderful, caring, sweet person like you in her life. The fact that you took the time to write here and want to help her shows you care.


unofrtunately I don't think any amount of compliments or you saying things to her is going to help.. i think it has to come from herself.


While it's great that you tell her she's fine, it will take some effort on her part to realise she is fine as well.


i'm afraid i dont' have any good advice to give you, but I hope it all goes well.


As i said before, she's lucky to have someone like you who cares about her.

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We sound alot alike.

I'm pretty skinny. She always feels like I'm disappointed in her size. She refuses to sit in my lap sometimes and stuff like that. Cus she wants to be alot smaller than me.

I do pick her up and I forgot about it, but I think it helps. Even though she yells at me for picking that, but I do it anyway.

And I do write her things occasionally.

She knows I love her, she just wants me to be satisfied with her image.

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I have been the girlfriend in this situation i have even been the wife in this situation...it great that you are supporting her but like shikashika said it needs to come from her. The bes thing you could do is suggest she get counseling and support her while she works through her issues. Its a mindset and it needs to be changed, if she doesn't get right in her head it is a problem that will plague her for a long time and that kind of dissatisfaction with yourself is really really hard to handle. If you can be there for her and let her know that no matter what you love her while she deals with this she couldn't ask for more...

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i do definitely and its not the eating that is the problem and even if she is eating its the mindset that you're not worthy , you're not pretty, that you have nothing to offer that keeps you in dark places...I admit i still struggle with my eating and how I view myself...it really is a life long battle (don't tell her that tho LOL)

I am here if you ever need an opinion from someone who has been in the depths of it...I know I drove my exes crazy!!!

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