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Help: 1st time: what to do after ORAL??

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hey yall,

this is my first post.....but heres the deal.....my gf and I arre just beginnning to explore oral sex (both ways). None of us has ever received nor given it. I have been reading a few articles and opinions about it, but I still have some questions:


First: what do most couples do after the deed? I mean, do they usually kiss? cause if so, isnt it gonna be weird for the person who just got the oral, cause their partner will have his/her taste in their mouth. Should i bring along some extra water bottles?


Second (and last): What can i do about my gf's smell down there. The scent left on my fingers after manual stimulation smells kinda nasty (like sweaty balls). I can't even imagine how it is gonna tast - What do I do? just ignore it?


any help would be immensley appreciated,


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hey there.


OK! First of all I am 17, male. So the after Oral deal. Whenever a girl finishes going down on me, she usually goes to the bathroom. then comes back in and we kiss and cuddle. So no, don't kiss her (its more than nasty). lol... no fun.


Next, ok the stench. Bro I have always had the same problem. Every girl that I have gone down on (3) have all smelled... too bad for me to continue. I can go for about 30 secs then I feel like I am gonna puke. so... what I normally do is either chug some hardcore beer then go. And ever few seconds I will chug something that kills my taste buds... like those strips that are like minty, Listerine strips. Its ruff, but you just gotta pull through sometimes right?? I will tell you tho, over time the smell becomes less gross the more your around it.


Also somethign that could help, is both taking a shower together, then go out and do it, it don't smell too bad then (wash it a little in the shower ).


Good luck buddy, it just takes some practice. Also ask her whats feeling good and stuff. Make sure while your down on her, that you still have your hands paying attention to the rest of her body, like her butt and her breasts. little tip


Helpin' Another.

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ForAnother is right...if you are concerned about the smell and the taste do a good cleaning of the areas and usually after sex my ex-gf and I would cuddle, kiss or go to sleep. Now that I think of it, my ex and I never really freshened our mouth after we gave each other oral sex, I guess it never bothered me that much cuz I was doing my job



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If your really that bothered about the smell and taste,i might go as far as to say that perhaps you are not ready to be performing oral sex on each other.I do not mean this offensively in any way,shape or form by the way. Its just that usually when couples have matured to a certain level/stage and are ready for a sexual relationship,this sort of thing is not a problem. Of course everyone is different, and some girls (and guys) do have pretty poor hygiene sometimes. - If this is the case then i would go with what the other posters said and maybe take a shower together.that would be the best way to approach this issue,that way you dont have to worry about how to tell her about it.


If you have been together for a while then maybe you could bring it up to her?(in the nicest possible way of course)obviously i can only speculate as i dont know if this is a long term relationship or not.


Me and my boyfriend absolutely love each others naturals smells etc,maybe its just a primal instinct or somethng lol,but one day you probably will too.


Good luck!!

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Everyone has a certain "musk". Once you get used to it it's fine.

People even find it arousing to smell the pheremones in that sweaty musk.


Also, be careful about what you say about smells. A guy complaining about a girl's smell is like a girl complaining about her guy's member size.

Think how you would feel... be sensitive.


Showers and such are a good idea to try.

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Hey guys, if you're not prepared to kiss your girlfriend after she goes down on you, then you're not ready for oral sex, and you should not be expecting her to give you any either. It's entirely normal for you to kiss after doing that.


As long as she's bathed or showered within a reasonable length of time, the aroma is entirely normal. If the smell concerns you now, then again, you're not ready. It's all part of the experience. For example, once I had oral immediately after she got out of the bath, and for the first minute or so, it wasn't as much fun for me because there was no taste or smell at all.


If you've done everything right, you'll want to consider washing your face before going back out in public, lest everybody know what you've been up to.


Like I said though, it's all normal and healthy to have taste and smell down there, if it concerns you now, wait until it doesn't or you'll not get much out of it.

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