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Lingering hand on shoulder? Does it mean anything at all?


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Does this mean anything? There is guy with whom I feel there is mutual attraction. It's just a gut feeling, you know.

For reasons that would be too long to explain, he's off limits.


However he flirst with me in a sweet, friendly kind of way, never crossing the line but pretty consistently.


The other day, at a dinner party, I was talking with a friend of mine; we were both seated and this guy approached us and started chatting; he stood there, very, very close to me and put his hand on my shoulder affectionately. I put my hand on top of his and also held it for a while and then withdrew it because I did not want people to notice. He kept his hand on my shoulder for the whole time he was there with us (a few minutes).


Do men do this kind of things without noticing or do you think this implies a sexual interest in the woman in question?

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Too long to explain why he's off limits?.


Two words would suffice.


He's Married?


Your Married?


Your student?


His Student?


Your Son?


His Mother?


It can't be that hard to explain in a nutshell!!!


Anyway, you put your hand on his?!?!?!?


I agree with OIO

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Gut feeling - he is attracted to you. Unless he was drunk, or a rugby player, guys don't normally put arms around "just friends."


Might depend how friendly he is to the opposite sex and people overall. I know a super-friendly guy who is married who's held my hand a couple of times, for quite a lengthy time. Of course maybe he was attracted to me but I know he is a very tactile person. He is known for putting his hand on others when talking to them. Basically there's not really much you can do if they're married. Best to leave it be and not get your hopes up.

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well i wouldn't touch any other member of the opposite sex in that fashion (excluding family members) if i didn't have some form of attraction.


Although i'm not touchy-feely to begin with so, if i touched another in that fashion i'd be sending off signals intentionally.


But this is just me.

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So, basically, it seems that with touchy-feely or tactile (i like that word) people you can never be sure, right?


I kinda agree. I am a touchy-feely kind of person too but only with my own sex. When I get all touchy-feely with a man it's because I'm interested in him as in wouldn't- mind-getting-into-bed-with-the-guy .


At a certain point he was standing so close to me that if I had leaned my head a little it would have practically rested on his lower belly .

I had to exert quite a lot of control not to lean against him

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It's hard to say.I think women are less touchy-feely than men but that is just my opinion.I think you need more clues than a touich on the shoulder,it could mean he is intereted.


women are more touchy feely than men. they can get away with it. guys really don't care.

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