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Problem with friends.


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Ok, so my boyfriend and I rent a 1 bedroom place for 900 a month... money is a little tight right now, but we make enough to pay all the bills its just the extra money that we kinda miss. Another couple that we are friends with wanted to move into a 2 bedroom apartment with us, making the rent 600 each couple. So, we'd be saving about 300-350 dollars a month but we really don't want to give up our privacy for that money. We rather not be able to go out to the bar all the time then lose our entire apartment and have to share something about the same size with two more people. At first we were kinda ok with it and were going to do it. But the other day my boyfriend and I were talking about it and realized it wasn't the best idea for us... we have a good thing going for us and we love our apartment and neighborhood so we really aren't up for moving out of it anymore. We called our friends last night and explained how we were thinking... we also had a bad experience with living with a couple when we first moved out of our parents homes so we just didn't want ruin the friendship we have with this couple either. The couple pretty much blew up at us... they said they were counting on us to move with them. (The are going through alot of troubles... the guy just got out of jail (drug bust) and he is on probation for 18 months... they don't have good credit and don't have alot of money.) We have many concerns with this... they drink alot and don't pay bills on time and they fight often. Ok, well my point to this is... How do I explain to them that we really just don't think its a good idea, without hurting them. The girl just called me now to complain even more about the situation... Why can't they just leave it... we simply don't think its a good idea and we never told them it was a for sure thing, we just said we'd think about it. How do I get out of this without hurting the friendship?


pros: save 300 bucks a month and help friends out.

cons: less privacy, less space, we had to put stuff in storage, we would leave out current apartment and neighborhood we love, our puppy wouldn't have free roam she be stuck in only our bedroom plus they don't like dogs and yell at her anytime she wants attention from them (she is like a daughter to me, so it hurts me if someone yells at her for no reason, her "parents" are suppose to discipline her not our friends) , they have money problems, relationship problems, law problems, the probation officer will be coming in and inspecting the apartment, etc etc etc.. the list can go on forever honestly.

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Exactly... they aren't even our best friends or not... But the girl works with my boyfriend so we have to remain civil. They are fun to hang out with every once in a while but I really don't want to live with them now that I really way out the pros and cons. I loveeeeeee the privacy that my boyfriend and I have now... and 300 bucks a month isn't worth it.

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Oh, and the guy was walking home from work (he doesn't even have a drivers license and/or car) and he had 80 dollars in his pocket from what he made that night (he is a waiter) and got jumped by these two people... they took his 80 dollars and his cell phone, so now he doesn't have the weekly rent at the place they are staying now.... How do you depend on 80 dollars?!?! I wouldn't ever be able to only have 80 dollars to my name, you have to have emergency money which they seem like they don't have. They are always talking about how they couldn't pay such and such bill.

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I don't think you're going to be able to do this without hurting their feelings, but not because it's your fault. They have too many problems and seem to have made you the basis of getting them sorted - and that's not fair and just setting everyone up for trouble.


Just stay civil and calm and either they get over it or they don't.

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