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Preparing to make a baby!!


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Hey all! This is a question for all the moms out there.

I'm 30 and recently got married for the first time. Me and my husband are super excited to start our family (my eggs aren't getting any younger! LOL).

My question to you, is there any good advice or suggestions you have about things I should do before getting pregnant?

I called my doctor and he said there's no need to come and see him being I've been going in for a yearly check up for over 10 years and he knows I have an excellent medical and genetic history. But I've been looking up stuff on the internet and I've read some helpful things like taking prenatal vitamins which drastically reduce the risk of birth defects, and not cleaning cat litter (something about the toxins in cat urine). I've also read helpful tips about not drinking alcohol two weeks before you're period is due (just in case you've already conceived), and how to keep track of your cycle. So besides the obvious other things like good diet and exercise, is there anything else I should know to prepare myself for getting pregnant?


Honestly, I do think I've got a good understanding, but you never know! So I thought I'd see if there's any other good advice out there!



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Buy some sexy nightgowns and spice up that sex life. I addressed a similar question a few days ago because my SO and I are also ready for a child.


It seems as if you have already taken all the actions that were mentioned to my SO and I. I think that you are ready!


I wish you two the best of luck!


The race is on!... lets see who can get pregnant first lol JK... Congrats on this wonderful decision!!!!

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Buy the book "What to expect when you are expecting". It was helpful in both of my mother's pregnancies.


That book is great for when you're expecting..I think she's asking advice about what to do to prepare for pregnancy though.



as for OP, you have the most important things covered. You can go to your local bookstore and they have a million books on ways to prepare yourself for pregnancy, before during and after. Read up alittle bit but yea I think you have it mostly covered. Also.. Don't stress yourself out trying, that is one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying.


Best of luck to you I hope you find yourself pregnant soon and wish you a happy and healthy nine month pregnancy once you do conceive

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dont stress out about it. Some women get so wrapped up in making it a goal that it i think can effect your chances of getting pregnant. Don't make it a race, don't put anymore emphasis on sex than you already are. Just go with the flow and let nature take its course.

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That book is great for when you're expecting..I think she's asking advice about what to do to prepare for pregnancy though.



Yes, exactly. But trust me, once we conceive I'll be buying this book and then some!

I'm just one of those people who likes to research and gather as much information as possible. My husband teases me because I read the manual for anything new we buy while he tosses it aside. But guess who knows how to run every feature of her digital camera and her cell phone, while her husband only knows the basics and is always needing my help??? LOL!


I'm not stressing over concieving, I just want to make sure I've done everything I can possibly do to have a healthy baby. I have no intentions of plotting my ovulation schedule or anything like that as sex will be frequent enough that it shouldn't be a concern!

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i wouldn't worry too much. I know that's hard to process. But, as a mother, you'll eventually have to learn not to sweat the small stuff.


Kids can't be planned. You can try all you want but it just isn't going to happen. haha. I have a 4 year old and 8 year old sister, so, I know how it goes.


You seem to have all your bases covered and I think you'll be a great mother.


Just don't have a nervous breakdown when something isn't the exact way it is suppose to be. New mothers tend to do that.

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Start taking prenatal, like NOW.


Have sex every OTHER day during your ovulation period. (For most women its about 15-17 days after the START of your period.)


good luck!


Oh and most importantly - HAVE FUN BABY DANCING!!


What is "Baby dancing"?

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