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want to be friends again


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The story of my ex-girlfriend and I can be found here: link removed


My question is what would be the best way for me to ask her to do something with me as a friend? Dinner? Movies? It has been 5 and a half weeks since we broke up because of her parents, and I may be rushing this too much. I still have strong feelings for her, and from the little bit of talking we have done, she still is feeling emotional about the break up too. In fact it may be harder on her since she had to break it up because of her parents. (do you agree with this?) I have wanted to do stuff with her as a friend since the first day of being broke up, this is because I really miss her and just want to be with her somehow. But it has hurt me when I see her and I am not sure trying to do stuff with her yet would even be good for me because it might hurt me a lot. I just wish that time would fly so that we could get to being friends again. Should I wait longer? Should I wait for her to contact me? Any suggestions, past experiences, etc would be helpful. I really miss my best friend.

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I'm in very much the same boat at the moment. My ex broke up with me 3 weeks ago after realizing that there were just too many obstacles and hardships in the way of us being right for each other (check my other posts for the story). I'm his best friend and he's mine too.


Anyway, he was pretty emotional about breaking and wanted to resume a friendship immediately. I did too, but we both realized that the reality of the breakup needed to set in first.


A week and half has passed since we last had any contact and I think it's for the best. I'm angry and sad and crazy by turns and trying to sustain my relationships with other friends and family is hard enough, let alone a new transition from romance to friendship.


Take it slow. I know you need her and want her in your life but you both need to acknowledge that it's over for a reason. Let that sink in, and then when any anger, disappointment or lingering hope is gone, you might be able to be friends again.


Good luck.



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I have done a little talking with her on messenger, about once every 2 weeks. Just because I want to be friends with her, and as soon as possible. Also once because she was sick and I wanted to help take care of her; when she had taken care of me when I was sick it meant a lot to me and I wanted to show her appreciation for that and let her know that I really care about her. Since we were broke up, I wasn't able to help her though. Am I rushing this too much and possibly making things worse by talking to her? Maybe I should wait until sometime after Christmas break, or should I wait for her to make the contact?

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