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not sure how to approach girl whom is picky


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hey there.


i really fancy this girl whom i know from friends of mine.i think shes really good looking and nice and sweet basically,my type of girl.


ive talked to her friend and she basically said tht she "very picky" and "knows wat she wants"in terms of who she likes.i asked wat tht was bt she didnt say as this girl tends to keep things quiet.


this has really thrown me.i really wanted to get to know this girl bt now im nt sure.ive discovered from this convo with her friend tht shes loads like me bt im nt sure if i should really bother chasing after this girl.i had high hopes tht something mite happen bt now i have little hope.


normally,i would have chased after her anyway regardless of whether this was in doubt just to find out if i had a chance.bt due to a bad breakup three months ago,im nt so certain.


how should i treat this?btw,i see this girl sat and nxt sat as we are at parties of our respective friends.

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Hey - you don't say whether or not you've been introduced and spoken to her yet - have you?


Either way, this upcoming party sounds like a great opportunity to mingle a bit and talk to her, since you have friends in common.


Strike up a conversation with her, flirt with her a little, see if she responds to you - if she sticks around to talk to you and doesn't make a polite excuse to move away, chances are she's at the least not disinterested. At a social thing like that, it's very easy to make the polite "hey, I need to talk to my friend, sorry" excuse to move off if you'd rather not spend time with someone. It's a good chance to see if you hit it off well talking, and if you do, mention the party the upcoming week and ask her if you can bring her.


Swingfox is right - don't let what someone else says put you off, if you think she's worth getting to know better, by all means, go for it.

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