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falling fo guy friend.. but how to tell him ??


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Well, I am about to give up.


I have known this guy for years; we live in the same building, we used to work together but even after he left the company we kept being very close friends.


Last Christmas I broke up with my boyfriend, and my neighbor was extremely supportive and helped me a great deal to go through the very difficult period. I grew fonder of him, and first I thought I am having just an emotional transfer. However, I am sure now it's more than that: we always got on well, I always feel *fireworks* when hanging out with him.


Trouble is - does he ?.. I am not sure, hard to read between the lines of being 'friendly'. Last weekend we both ended up being away in Singapore ( me visiting a friend, he in a business trip) and we ended up hanging out together for a whole day , and it felt so great. But then we said goodbye the usual way , a friendly hug and that was that.


We talked about relationships - and he said he doesnt want a relationship right now. I marked his words well, but then, there are so many mixed signals I get from him ( like, can you come this weekend to Singapore because I am here on business trip ?..or, I am going back to see my parents this weekend, do you want to come too?..) - or maybe I am reading too much into it.


He is really a great great person; but I am afraid to say anything (or do anything !) because I dont want to ruin a great friendship. In the same time, I dont want to have a hangup on him and be stuck daydreaming about something that exists only in my head.


I am too shy also to say anything.. in general, I am not good at giving signals , I am more of a tomboy than a girlie-girl. I am so afraid he sees me as one of his buddies more than a girl.. so frustrating !!!


Please help.. any past experiences you'd want to share as a hint ?

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first of all do not give up !! if he has been knowing you for a long time he might be willing to improve your relationship and maybe asking him out would be a good occasion. if he is a true friend and just wants to so it will not compomise your friendship . be confident and hope for the best

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