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i think i really need a psychologist for my mental problem..


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i have been rejected by a lovely italian girl on the bus last friday.which i still cant get it why i got rejected ? she enrolled into our school few weeks ago.

every since the first time i saw her at school , she had totally got my attention.So i rasied my ball and spend most of my recess time with her and her sister . we enjoyed every pricious time we had together , i made her laugh and entertain her and her sister very much . marianna and flavia ..umm very beautiful italian that i cant stop myself for being in love with flavia . at the beginning , i know that she had a feeling on me just like i did . i though that every thing was perfact and its about time to tell her how much she mean to me. so i seeked a guy to taugh me italiao on the chat room.

''mi sono innamorato di te la prima volta che it ho visto '' i likes you so deeply every since i saw you . and i had practice this sentence pronuciation

for a damn long time until it get right. friday after sport , every one were exhusted . flavia and marianna just sat behind me on the bus , i cant remember how does it took me to do such a stupid thing .if i knew that i will got rejected i would hold for a whlie and spend more time with them so they knows more about me .howsome i did , and i got rejected....not hasly

but still pain me right into my heart.it was interesting to watch how she react. first she thought for a while ..ablushed and then rejected my offer in a gentle way ... ''sorry , i likes another guy already.'' after that i got so much damn traumatize from it ....i asked her wether i have a chance or not she nobbed . but still struck me right into my soul ..now it is almost been 6days 15hour and 3 sec .my heart still hurt with great sorrow and the qestions have going circle around my head ''Why......." why i've been putting so much effect in her and this is what i got for return . i spend my

times with her at school recess . i made her laugh we even went to the beach 2 weeks ago . why .........why she likes another guy ? (brazilian )

the worst thing was , after i told her on the bus that day .. the following weeks she had change into totally different person ... we dont talked in the recess that much any more . becuse she was hidding away from me .. not obviouly , but i can sense it.anyway , i'm now in a desperately looking for experts good advice . please help me .. i really like this girl very much ..

some of my friend told me to give up . but i cant becuse i cant affort to ,

she is one in a million . the girl i'm looking for .. she is perfact

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don't worry about it man, just chill..... she said she likes another guy, huh?


well... since you said it was YOU spending so much time with her, making her laugh and everything, did you notice anyone else doing something similar?

if you did, then it's a fair chance that she likes him.

If you didn't, then either she just said it, or she has a crush on someone from seeing them, thereforeeee, she does not know whether he will like her.


and she said you have a chance, so why worry at all?


you two are different than you used to since you asked her?


well next time you see her, tell her "hey flavia, remember when i asked you that question in the bus 2 weeks ago? well since then me and you have not been getting along as we used to, i just wanna tell you, that i'm cool with being friends with you, you're a great person, and i don't want that question to have any effect on our friendship"


say that, see what she says....


from then, just start talking again, it might be akward at first, but it will be like before...


and trust me, keep at it, and you'll have her... just spend more time with her..


good luck.



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I think you should cool it off with this girl and wait and see if she comes to you. If you start pestering her then she is going to try and avoid you even more. If this happens you will just end up getting hurt over and over again.

She knows how you feel now so just act cool


take care xx

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thanks for your guys advice , really , i feel much more better now.but things between flavia and me it's gettin worst than ever before . i'm so regarded that i told her on the bus that day . it was a mistake even i know it now she was not read to accpte any one's offer it's abit too late to turn it back again ............................... but i aint get down myself on that . cus she knows that i love her

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