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I'm in need of great help, stuck in "friend mode"


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Here's the situation:


I've been friends with this girl for several years now and I want to take it to the next level. I want to have a loving relationship, not just a friendship. We trust each other with everything, talk about our problems, and help each other through the hard times in life. We are each others best friend.


I have seen her struggle several times in past relationships with your typical "Jerk Boyfriend". And of course, I am the person she falls back to for support so I can put her back on her feet and go out with Jerk Boyfriend #2. What I would like for her to realize is that I am the person that she is looking for. I am the guy thats always going to be there for her and to treat her with respect.


Problem is, how do I go about taking it from a best friend relationship to a dating situation? I need this, she means to much to me, I dont like sitting back and watching this wonderful person ruin her "love life" with people that dont even know how to treat a woman.


Thanks in advance,


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It looks like you trust each other in everything. I would take this young woman apart, sit down and start to talk to her. I would tell her how you started to develop feelings for her over the past years. Explain her how happy she makes you when you talk to each other or spend time with each other.


It looks hard, but really it is not. Many relations has started as good friends and if you ask me it's the best basis there is to start a relation. You know each other very well, if not inside out. The main thing is that she trusts you and that is to your advantage.


Communicate to her, Kevin ... make it happen. She might say 'no', but I am sure she will listen. Good luck!!


~ SwingFox ~

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being one of those "jerk ex boyfriends that girls always seem to go back to" (i dunno how i got to be like that, but i realized i am..) The girl will go for the nice guy at the right time... you just gotta spring it when you think she's ready to hear it... from what i've seen tho relationships like that tend to have the "sorry but you're my best friend it'd be weird" response from girls... best of luck tho man... jerk boyfriends suck... i should know, i was one for a while, not anymore tho...

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Thanks for your input guys! Thanks to you I am looking forward to Valentines Day for the first time in a couple years.


If you dont get it, that means we are now a couple


Finally I get to show her how much I love her and how much she means to me!!! Thank you!!!

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