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Final Letter to friend *says it all*

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I have some important things I'd like to say before i leave tonight, It's becoming evident to me as i look up, and agonizingly clear i can't continue to be a friend, when in my viewpoint there hasn't been anything casually, or minor part to friendship between us, the word "friendship" has a Very strong meaning to me for credentials i wont explain because you don't have time to listen, and i don't think your able to fully comprehend or understand that meaning, which your undoubtedly in titled to have.


i do not want to impel or place weight on your shoulders here, but i can say this...i don't think you know me well enough, I'm aiming too say I'm not your every guy, Who will strive to superior measures just for one women, by submissively giving up his own wellbeing to gain ground, and construct a closer relationship with someone who is being fallacious, while all time wasted the guy has achieved nothing, but heart ache, and melancholy.


While i would buy you a rose it was to show you i cared, the appreciation was evident, the feeling wasn't.......and with that feeling being so "manifestly speaking" empty, like there is nothing i can do anymore, Even with some insight, i still see complications.



I've tried again, and again..but was only inconveniently shut out, with the closing door, trying to maintain a kosher attitude, telling myself that your would come around, That became so exhausting, and even more painful for me, Now at a stagnant position, the waters are calm, and the depths are unknown and unexplored, and i will not navigate into that area for fear of being pulled back down to the bottom with the drag nets, I'm staying where I'm at....in my own perimeter, I have been Hurt, And that feeling wasn't an enjoyable one too me......But hark attention to these words, "i still consider you an important person to me, you i hope see this, and i love the times we spent together, i couldn't ask for better from you" but it's hard to reflect on those occurrences when nothing further was conspicuous.


So I guess this leads me to say, I'm Disembarking, eliminating myself. Until Your ready to One day perhaps unconsciously give me a chance to accommodate yourself with me under justification of "friends" than i will re-consider, again try to trust.. And believe that someone is being a friend, meanwhile I have given up, and i can't try any harder. You have my Number, when ever your ready, Give me a call, please validate I'm keeping an open of mind here. and I'm not trying to sound rude, or malice towards you, that is NOT my Method of Operation, just keep in mind what i said, I'm only taking it how you want too. No pressure no hard feelings.





Tell me what you think...??? a good approach, yes / No..... better than being rude, and a jerk about it right?> i sort of put this back on her, instead of on me...you think that was right, could this make her back away forever, and close communication? is it even worth it....?
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I think it is a very thoughtful letter. It will make her think about how she has hurt you. What did she do to hurt you? Did you want to be more than friends, I am sure you did? Is this the same girl how offered you oral sex? Maybe you are looking for love and she is looking for just sex.


I would not send the letter not because it is not a wonderful letter, but it seems more of a breaking up letter, as if you were more than friends. Only lovers would write such an intimate letter. If you are not dating her than how can you expect her to treat you as a boyfriend. Ask yourself this question would you be writing this letter to a regular friend male or female? I think you should do what is best, if you really fell that she must know how you feel then send her the letter. I know that most advice articles give the advice of not sending a last letter.

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Ok, just a head's up, I'm going to be brutally honest here, so don't take this the wrong way, ok?


Hon, you've spent at least a week writing letters and agonizing over how to tell this girl she's hurting you with her lacadaisical attitude towards your efforts towards friendship. I sincerely doubt she's been giving you much more than a minutes thought in that time.


Either send it, or don't - but whatever you decide to do, you need to stop worrying about her and what she's going to think of how you approach this, get it over with, and start investing that time back into yourself. She doesn't deserve the amount of time and thought you're putting into this - you do. It's time to either send it to her and give yourself closure that way, or just break contact and get your message accross by your lack of communication - but definitely, you have to put this behind you fast and start putting your efforts into yourself and your friends who WILL appreciate it.


She isn't worth this much mental anguish on your part. Stop tearing yourself up over how to get this over to her and worrying about if it's the best way you can, and close this chapter and open a new one without her as the focus. You deserve better, ok? Start treating yourself more kindly, and remind yourself no matter how much effort you put in, she probably won't see it, the only one you have to protect here is YOU. Put yourself first, as of now.

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I'd personally like to thank all of you for the advice received, especially The Morrigan, your correct in more ways than what was posted, i have been stressing very much over this ordeal, and the situation has slowly started to worsen because you made me realize this, i have been writing letters, trying to put words together and organize my thoughts towards her, while at the same time NOT trying to be a jerk about it, But believe me it has crossed my mind...=>


To the first poster No she is not a G/F, and never was, NO she wasn't the girl that offered me oral sex....totally different story, lol...But an ways i think tonight could be the beginning of a "New Chapter" from what The Morrigan said, and I'm definelty going to have to get my point accross somehow, weather or not it's with this letter, I'm starting to have doubts about, or simply just ignore her completely, last time i did that she said "oh OK sail i see how it is just forget it" and i fell In and talked with her, because I'm a sucker, And i didn't want her to have that feeling, Why you might ask i was ignoring her...?


Well she offended me, she made it seem as if i wanted to be MORE than friends by interrupting me in the middle of a conversation we had and saying "i just see you as a friend sail" very rude and demanding of her to think that way, So i at that point just CUT everything for 4 weeks straight, all being on Fridays, she would keep trying, coming up to me and saying, "can't you just say Hi" "what is Wrong" and i have to admit i loved the attention, than when she said "Ok fine whatever" she sort of made me think, So I'm a SUCKER FOR SOMEONE'S THOUGHTS TOWARDS ME...I admit it, with my hands up..i guess this time around i have to stick with my guns...

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Its sounds like you want to be more than friends, so I can see why she said that to you. I think you have stronger feelings for her than to be "just friends." She already told you she wanted nothing more than friendship. You should listen to her you are only making her mad and she may not even want to be your friend at all. Maybe it would be best if you just gave each other space for a while, so you can get over her.


Your letter sounded too intense to just be for a platonic friend. I think you may be fooling yourself. She had every right to tell you what she said. She knows that you have a different agenda when it comes to this friendship. I know I have had male friends fall in love with me, and they had a deep passion for me, and I never knew about their fellings because I only saw them as a friend.


I think you should not give her the letter, or you really may never see her again. She will feel uncomfortable around you because she may not want to lead you on. Sometimes people mistake someones kindness as a form of flirting. When they are just trying to make a new friend and that is it.

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