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its really getting me down


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My problem is really stupid andI know that, but I still cant help getting depressed about it. All my close girl and boy mates have b/f and g/f I`m the only single one. I always feel really left out when they all go and do things with their significant other. If we all go out together I also feel left out cos there all couply. I have to listen to them all going on and on about how wonderful James, Sarah etc is. I feel so alone I want someone, you knwo to make me feel special, loves, to tell me I`m beautiful, to talk to, have a laught with and so on. There's not a hope in hell Im going to get a b/f its not that Im any less prettier than my mates or got a worser personality its just that everytime I've got together with someone it hasnt worked (I have a list a mile long). Also there is no one I fancy, well there si one guy but he has a g/f, so thats outa the question. Im laughing at myself cos Ive never had a realtionship and its never bothered me, that is, until now.

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First of all your problem is not stupid so dont think that, ok. I know that

lonley feeling of just wanting someone to care about you like your

friends have, but maybe you should try and get some of your friends to

to set you up with someone or have a girls night out and try and meet someone like that. You shouldnt feel that just because in the past it didnt

work out with someone dosent mean that it wont now. cheer up, also

maybe you might want to start finding friends that are single, associate

with people outside your group, just keep trying and dont give up, sooner

or later someone will see that your a great person and want to be with you, you'll see you just have to put yourself out there, well I hope this

helps you and I hope you find someone worth finding that is, good luck

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I know what its like. I don't have a long list why my relationships haven't worked... they are all the same reason. Since you have such a long list, do you think you might just be too picky? Unless you're picking all your guys up at the bar I don't think you could find that many guys with such big problems that you couldn't date just for the kicks and giggles of it. Then again you might just have bad luck the way I do. (There really isn't anything wrong with the girls I find attractive... except they never are interested in me for one simple resin... I'm a guy... I can pick them out of a crowd I tell you what. After 8 in a row, I've just kind of given up.)


Any way, you're never going to find someone that's in completely perfect, you just have to find someone that works with you.


I'm probably off on this one, and if I am I'm sorry.

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Greetings rainbow,


Nice name!


I wanted to ask you, would you expect a person to approach you or you are willing to take the first step?


Sometimes intent on its on is not enough, daily action is needed as well.

Maybe you should become a volunteer, you can meet a lot of nice people, plus you will help others and that`s good.


You can also think, what would the person that you like to meet expect from a future partner?


And of course life is more that g/f, b/f issue, so enjoy it as it is.


All the best,



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