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I just recently started getting over my ex boyfriend of a year ..after starting a job that leaves me no time to think about myself let alone him or anyone else. So everything had been going great until I started to notice people liking me... Of course I flirt at work and at school because, I'm a lonely single who just needs to have some fun. So these people that are starting to like me were friends...now seeing me as more...and I think I might've given them the wrong signals by flirting with them... Because before I had no reason to because I had my boyfriend to flirt with constantly. I have all these offers from people even my sister's ex boyfriend who broke up with her in hopes to hook up with ME! ... I'm basically shocked because I usually get one person interested in me a month now I have like 10 in one week...and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings...especially since none of them I want....the one person i want I can't have because he broke up with me,....and I'm still in love with him.

It's really hard to tell him what is going on in my life too ( we are still really close) because I know he wants me to move on and I can't...

what is wrong with me...why can't I find one person out of all these people to love...or at least like enough to date...

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I don't think there is anything wrong with you. There are millions of people out there to choose from so you not finding 10 people attractive really isn't bad at all.


Also, if you still aren't over your ex yet then you probably aren't in the "looking" mood right now. Give yourself a little more time. Its nice to have all the offers but just tell them all you aren't ready right now. Then you aren't hurting their feelings. Don't put so much pressure on yourself, it sounds like you are doing fine.

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Hi first thing there is nothing wrong with you!!!. It is good your not throing yuorself into a relationship on the rebound. It takes time to heal especially if it a one sided break up. You need to take time to find yourself before getting involved with some one.


One thing I would add you mentioned you are still close friends with you ex bf but you cant tell him things because of your feelings for him. Is it wise to keep him as a close friend if you feel this way. I know this may seem hard but it may be better to give yourself some time without him in your life to help you heal. You can always pick up the friendship later but maybe its not good to have this reminder in your view all the time.


There will be someone out there and it will proabably happen when you least expect it.


Take care

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