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Alright, the story is i transfered colleges to where my Ex currently is. I didn't do it for her, it is the school i want to be at for my major. Anywho, she is here and has a new boyfriend. It was a tough break-up and it happened about 5 months ago. She said some awful things to me. Basically she sent me an email about how happy she is with the new guy. Something like "We did have good times together, but it wasn't what i needed for my life" That hurt, it was like a slap in the face. Well her boyfriend lives in my dorm, a few floors down. The school isn't huge so once in a while i will see her walking around. I guess i am also worried she will come up and say hi. She sent me a message a few days ago saying she wanted to start talking to me again. I never replied to it.


I want to try to avoid her, but i'm not sure if that is possible. I guess it will just take some getting used too. Maybe this is good for me to just get it out of my system so i can truly move on. Also i have been in NC with her since Dec. 1st, basically the last time i sent her an email. We had a nasty conversation after that, and then i really didn't say anything since that.

I posted what she wrote a few topics ago, but just in case anyone else wants to see it ill post it here.



"hey, i know we havent talked in a while, and im not even sure you want to talk to me, which is fine, sorry to bother you in that case. I was just hoping maybe we could.


wanted to see if you were excited about *****, its an awesome place i think youll love it, the people are really cool! Hope things have been good, from what i hear they have been. Just wanted to say hi"


I wasn't really sure what to make of this. I think she just feels bad about the whole thing. I have been looking at some of her stuff lately. I know i really shouldn't and it has been a long time since i have looked. From what i saw, i don't see the love been her and the new guy, like the love we had. It's just very strange to me. she also posted some strange away messages like.. "It was depressing to realize that I wasnt the heroine anymore, that my story was over.". I just found them strange, because of how happy she was telling me she was.

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Hey buddy sounds like maybe she is wanting what she can't have, you? I could be wrong. She's out of line to ask you if you're ready to talk, it sounds like it was not a mutual break up, thereforeeee she should let you do the initiating of conversations.


As far as what you could do in your free time, some may disagree but I am jealous that your ex is so close to you. She has to see your face, my ex just stopped going to my myspace, and it was easy for her to forget i existed. When me and my ex quit talking and she found a new guy (july of last year) i used it as ammo for me to change myself and my habbits. I dropped a lot of bad habbits video gaming all day, smoking, i lost a crap load of weight, changed my style, even the music i listened to. I just didn't want to be the same person i was with her, i was not happy with myself.


A year ago I had friends, i'm in a fraternity, but the only person I ever saw was my girlfriend, day after day night after night. It was kind of old, but it was worth it cause I figured she was the one I was going to marry. Obviously that didn't work out, and now I'm having a better college experience, meeting tons of people, hanging out with different girls every day.


I suggest you just get out on that campus, meet girls, so next time you run into your ex and her new boyfriend you have some girl on your arm, and maybe the next time you see them you have a different girl haha.


The best thing you can do in sad times like this is take it and turn it into positives, make the changes you never could before. Maybe your ex will notice, and then you can say "sorry, too late." maybe not, but dude don't forget your in college, you have so much potential to meet so many people every day, take advantage.


p.s. forget your ex, she sounds like mine, needy, has to be in a relationship, take advantage of not being tied down, you can do what ever you want, when ever, no questions asked, no curfew from a girlfriend.

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Yeah it wasn't a mutual break-up. And you are right about the part that she needs to be in a relationship. I don't think she has been single for more than 6 months. When she broke up with me after 2 and a half years. She was only single for one month. She also sent me a few text messages last night. She just said "i think i saw you", then "How is **** going?". I replied to the first one and just said "Yea".


It's kind of funny because it's almost like she doesn't get the hint that i don't want to talk. I went about 2 months without saying a word to her. That was through Christmas and my Birthday. She only sent me 5 messages through that time. I didn't reply to any of them. I personally think her motive is she just wants to be really good friends. I could be wrong though she is really tough to read sometimes.


It is true she does have to see my face once in a while, i don't know if that would have any effect on her if she is soooo happy, haha. But i also have to see her face with the new guy. It stings everytime, but it is a little less each time i do see them.

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