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Any of you guys know about these types???????

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I tell my hubby how I feel. He says they are stupid. He hangs up on me. It's childish. Isn't it? I feel left out. He is very in-considerate. You know what the stupid thing is? I love him. Do I have to make things work out between the two of us? He says he tries anything to make me happy. I see this in-considerate, self-centered, person. He used to yell in the middle of a parking lot telling me I shouldn't get in the car of my friends. Isn't that a little too protective? He laughs when I bring it up. It gets me defensive. Do I need to relax?????

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no, you don't need to stand for that type of behavior. He needs to respect you and your feelings. YOu're married- don't take that lightly. THere is a reason you got married and maybe he feels like he has control over you and your feelings.... but the truth is, only you have this control.. you need to talk to him and if you can't figure out a solution, thenyou need to consider a therapist

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i agree with lilone, no way do you have to stand up fot that type of behaviour. your in a marriage and thinks you emotions and feelings are stupid? i think not i feel it is a positive thing to express how you feel and wouldnt let him tell you any different.

what is his problem with you getting into a car with your friends? i dont know if its protective because i dont know the circumstances but from a first impression it seems so.

has he got a problem with his anger? because if so he needs to see someone about it.

dont feel restricted and dont let it pass by this will effect you emotionally if you dont talk about and overcome this situation.


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