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Why does life suck?


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I need some place to vent and I haven't done it in about 5 months, so to all of the people who feel like I do tell me what explinations do you have about why life sucks.


I think it sucks because you are supposed to fit in a certian category or be an outcast. Finding love is about as easy for us as algebra to a 3 year old. There seems to be a lot more downs than ups. Now I can hear the none believers doubting me now. For example why is it you can have a nice attitude and smile everyday, and still be dateless, while the nastiest attitude having smuck who treats people like trash just has to have good looks and every "looks doesn't matter to me" liar just gravitate towards that kind of person. Why when somebody in your family dies 1 or 2 good things happen, and then the rest of the time 30 more bad things happen? How does that even out, and it be really insignificant; like you get shot and never walk again but look at the good side you just got court money ever though you can't walk and your probably going to have to spend most of it on your disability. Yeah ain't life grand.


Now I'm probably going to hear from some obvious mug say "Life isn't fair" You have to live with it. All I can say to you is No s*** sherlock how did you manage to stumble on to the answer everybody already freaking knows.

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I agree with what you have to say and yeah life sucks. There do seem to be more downs than ups, but here's what I've been told a number of times. "Life is what you make of it." "Happiness and love is what you need to find within yourself before you sharing it with another person." and so on. Life isn't perfect.



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you know life is that way cause we have agency, and that's the way God made it. i guess he could jump in and make things perfect, but how could we know the good without the bad???

i know life isn't fair. I dated this girl for a year, and then engaged for a year. sounds good? maybe. we went to go get married 3 months ago, and she backed out on me. is that fair??? no it isn't.

i'm sorry life sucks for you, life can hurt. However it is our attitude that determines out outcome in life. in the end, your happiness will all depend on your chocie.


Choose well.




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Well you got me in a crappy mood, and I got to agree with ya, life sux.


I could go on telling you all the stuff I have been through, just in the last year. its enough for anyone to call it quits. and dont think I wasnt considering it.


Why I keep going? I really cant say, maybe I still have hope in finding my soulmate. pathetic isnt it?


Im getting to the point that i say to myself, why even try? it seems everytime I get my hopes up, everytime I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel, something happens and it all comes crashing down.


and the cycle repeats.


Everyday I have to think of reasons to go on, I try and convince myself i can be a happy person again, that things will change, that I wont be hurt again. but life keeps slapping me in the face.


so i go each day, one by one. hoping it will change.


yep you got me at a very bad time, but you know, thats not all that difficult these days.

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Life's a b***h! What can I say?


You'll have your ups and downs...I mean, if life was perfect, then it wouldn't really be a life worth living right? It would start to become bland, and then you'd get sick of it right?


You wouldn't know pleasure, if you didn't have pain...


Life is sh*tty, but you need to find a balance.


I think what's key is to find your inner child, the inner happiness that gets you through depressing days.


Some people lie to themselves all the time, then they are not ever happy. Everyone wants to be happy, even if they are pessimistic.


I like Bhudhist phylosophy b/c it says that everyone suffers. It's a part of life. There is no way of dodging it. However, if you could grasp onto a sense of reality, then you'll find peace in your heart, b/c atleast you'll know that you're not the only one who is suffering.


The happiest people tend to be people who know who they are, and know what they want w/o trying too hard to fit in.


My advice is to

1. really get to know what makes you happy

2. treat others the way that you want to be treated

3. treat everyone with the most respect (unless if they are snobs, then you don't need to bow down!)

4. enjoy spending time with the people that you have in your life, b/c you'll never know when its their time to leave.


This is just my simple phylosophy for living. I hope that this helps!

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Life's a b***h! What can I say?


Considering I already said that it wasn't meant for you to answer. I asked people who feel like me to respond.


What If life was perfect that would be great; I don't even believe you typed that with a straight face. I know pain very well so it is the pleasure part I don't know.


Why I keep going? I really cant say, maybe I still have hope in finding my soulmate. pathetic isnt it?


Man I'm right with you, and no matter how many steps people keep telling me to follow; I end up at square one and it is ****ing hopeless.

I have loss ALL faith in hope. The little that I did have corroded away over the years.


but how could we know the good without the bad???


Well how will I ever know any true good when every freaking thing is bad?

Can yall explain that one? I didn't think so. It's easy for people to say you need bad with the good when yall had yall good times. I didn't and I think I know if I need anything else bad to happen to me or not.


Oh you did have a girl right; hmm figures.

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these topics pop up right when i need them. what is the point in me living? whats gonna be made out of it? i'll help a few people here and there and keep smiling because it will make a difference for them, but what am i gonna get out of it. Life is pointless and it sucks. thats how i feel. everything i do is just routine and its beginning to bore me. will anyone care about my emotions and everything i did when i die. will it make a difference at all if i wasnt even alive? when i do go for something that i can enjoy, i get slapped in the face. all good things come at a price. everything that goes up will fall down. why does it have to be like that? its just so pointless. its not making life interesting, its making it frustrating.


Gilgamesh hit the spot again. im still living only because i want to feel love again. i wake up every morning and think is today the day? once u feel that love, then ck u will want to live for it. u will be happy. it just sucks that we have to wait for it and also go through so much heart-ache.


i listen to 'where is the love' (black eyed peas) about 8 times a day. music seems to be my only escape. life sucks and im not enjoying it because its not gonna make a difference to me what i do because i will eventually die.

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