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How do you express yourself?

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Painting and drawing are ways that i express myself, and also writing letters.I find it easier than expressing myself verbally and in some ways i think you can say so much more..Like if you paint a picture people can intepret it in any way they want,which i think is wonderful,because each person will have different ways in which they view it.


I used to always paint pictures,dont really have the time anymore which is a shame,but i still write sometimes which i find is an excellent way to get my true feelings out in the open.


Good topic hope i helped!!

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Personally, I have always found it easier to truly express myself writing rathr than verbally. I think that writing enables me to slow my mind down and I can really think about how I'm coming accross. This is especially true of poetry where you have to think about the form as well.


When I'm talking to someone, I tend to get too self-conscious, my mind rushes ahead of itself and I end up playing a role and not truly being me.

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i would have to say that when i express myself differently with different moods.

if it is an intense emotion i would flood it out in writing and it will come naturally which seems to be a venting type for me.

i would have to say if i am happy then i will sing.

but any other emotion i tend to express verbally, to me this is getting to the point and being able to let people know how you feel and why, etc. i think through verbal communication it is best of being face to face with people as then you can show emotions through expressions or gestures, assuming you use movement.


but thats just me.


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