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Piercing scars

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Does anyone have any tips on how to get my piercing scars to fade faster?


Last year i took out my modifications. I had 7 piercings on my face, including a bridge piercing. I also had a cleavage piercing and two hip piercings. I took them out when i met my current partner. I felt like i'd outgrown them. Now i have nasty scars and its making me self conscious.

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Well, scars tend to well....be permanent. Over years they can fade, but often they remain.


There are some treatments aimed to reduce the appearance of them (and some creams - but not sure how well they work) and surgery can often just make scars worse.


That's one of the side effects of piercing

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I have tried mederma and it only reduces the scars a small bit most are still noticeable. They will fade over time but I still have a pretty nasty scar where I had my bridge piercing and have three visible scars on my lip where I had my two labrets and lip piercing and its been over 3 years since I took them out. One of the labret holes is still indented with a nice hole. Not much else you can do to reduce the scars except give it time and deal with them.

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