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Is Brainwashing Possible?

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Is my boyfriend brainwashing me? He thinks that we could do anything when he wants to. Then he tells me we do everything I want to do. Is this acting like kids? I've heard his sister say that, not directly, but to their mom. Am I brainwashed? Every time, we are driving in the car w/his mom, sister, etc....they talk nothing about..."whites"...they are native and so am I. Am I brainwashed into acting a certain way? Usually, I am not like just sitting there looking all stupid. I love him too much. It makes me feel "good" when I am sitting down listening to them. Do they expect me to talk? I would, if the conversation interested me. Am I acting like a kid? My mom, she says I should act my age. I think she's right I tend to act like a kid now and then. Especially, around my boyfriend. It's fun! But, am I brainwashed into doing something I don't feel like doing? I love him!! Shouldn't it be a little easier than this?

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I think almos tby definition that if you are being brainwashed, you are not aware you are acting under the influence of an outside source. You don't appear to be doing that.


Other than that, I have to agree with inastate. Other than thinking you're being brainwashed, is there an issue? Nothing wrong with having fun, and feeling younger than you are when you are happy. Is that it? That's not a concern as I see it.

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