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is this boy using me?


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This is going to be long, thanks for all of you taking the time to read this.

I have liked this guy, since the beggining of the year. His name is daniel. He sometimes did things that made me think that he liked me, but the he went out with this girl called Alina.

I became good friends with his best friend Erik, and he finished liking me.

Sometimes when daniel was with alina, he stared at me. And i would catch his eye the he would turn around.

This guy called John asked me out and i went out with him, i didn't like him that much tho. One day alina and daniel broke up, and 2 days later i broke up with John.

Me and daniels are friends, but i rather flirt with everyone else than him. he's a little shy with girls and he dosn't talk that much, but he's a little popular and very cute.

One day i almost got robbed and i called erik because i got scared. This was like 4 weeks ago. That day erick told daniel what happened and they called me but i didn't pick up the phone. Latter that night Daniel called me again and we talk all night long, we talked for 2 hours.

Scince that day he calls me EVERY sing day, but he never flirts with me or anything... In lunch now he sits in front of me.

But this saturday he invited me over his house. He told me that i could bring a friend so i woudant get bored because there where only going to be boys. Erick, him and his friend michael where there.

I got really drunk and i made out with daniel like 5 times. I was laying down with him in bed and i got him really hard. Then when i had to go we made out one last time and then we left.

But, then on sunday he only called me for like 3 minutes and he said he had to go...

They say he likes me, but i dont seem very convinced because he never says anything every time i ask him...

I really ned to know what you guys think of this... does he like me or is he just playing around with me??

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hmm tough one !!


personally i think he feels that u made out with him and that well , its a turn off for some guys when they feel that a girl is easy !!


hmm it depends how mature he is and what kind of person he is and how much he really cares!!


from what u have written it dosent look like much if all he did was talk for like 3 mins, but then its human nature when we feel that we can get something easy it loses its atrraction so go figure !!


good luck

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I dont believe he thinks your "easy" just because you were making out, its not like you just met, you seem to have been in contact/communication with each other a lot before that day.


It looks like to me, that he is not sure of your intentions, you may be sending mixed signals, (being available sometimes, not answering the phone on others) and he may be afraid of you.


I just had my emotions played with by a woman, I thought i was careful enough but i was not, I allowed myself to get used. your guy, may just be taking it slow to be sure.


you need to be a little more consistant with your feelings towards him, and make clear what your interested in. see what happens. if he gets further away, then all he wanted is friendship, but if he comes closer then you know your on the right track.

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You're not going to be able to get a definite yes or no from people's opinions - you're gonna have to find a way to talk to him if you're considering ending the friendship over this. It's not the kind of thing you can say "oops, I'm sorry" afterwards when you're thinking of taking action like that if you're mistaken. That would be a sure way to blow ANY chance, including friendship, and wouldn't exactly give a great impression to your other friends either. I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but that's wrong - you make friends with someone, then want to end it if you develop feelings and they don't? How would you feel in the same position? I know you're upset thinking you made out with him, and now don't know if he returns your attraction, but I think that's a snap judgement you could come to regret. Sometimes it pays to take a step back and really think.


Let me ask this - why would you consider ending a friendship if it turns out he sees you as a friend and not a girlfriend prospect? Is it because you don't like him as a friend, because it would hurt you, or because you feel he shouldn't have taken the opportunity to make out with you if he wasn't interested?

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well, I've liked this guy for over 4 months now. He's talked to me every single day on the phone... since like 3 weeks ago. he invited me over his house, and i got drunk. I was making out with him, and the one who started them was him.

But i like him, as more than a friend and i want to go out woth him. I think he used me just because he thought i was drunk enought not to know what was i doing back then. And that's what i'm actually afraid of, for him to think something like "i've had my experience with her, now i'll go get someone else"...

I don't wan him to think that and i do want to be her friend. But for me it's really hard to accept that a boy dosnt like me, so i don't want to hear that he has totally a different feeling for me that would be "just friendship"...

Get my point??

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It does sound like you're being a bit harsh on this guy...you said he was shy around girls, and you would rather flirt with other guys than him, but you didn't hesitate to jump into bed with him! I know you were drunk, and maybe he was too, but what has happened cannot be reversed. When he invited you over, he said you could bring a friend. If he was planning on getting together with you, surely there would have been just you and him? I think he's trying to be a friend. Maybe he wants to get to know you a bit better? Maybe he feels really embarrassed about what happened, and doesn't know what to do next? You should ask him how he feels. Be a friend to him. When you really care about someone, you don't throw away your friendship because they feel differently to you. Having sex with him does not make him exclusively yours. I understand that is what you want, but you seem to have so much confidence....

If you really feel you can't have him as a friend, then I think it would be your loss.

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