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Story of the break-up (really long post)


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Alright, im not going to sugar coat anything anymore. I'm over the relationship i was in, and i am really glad to be feeling like myself again. I would like everyone here to see exactly what happened and maybe get some value out of it.


Well, here we go. We were together for 2 years and about 2 months or so. We had a really interesting relationship. I was the more grown up of the two of us. She was a very clingy girl, she would have to be with me night and day. When i left she would tear up because "she missed me so much and didn't want to be alone" She wanted to be with me forever and i was the best thing that ever happened to her. I worked hard for her, and i tryed to be a really great guy. I know we were very young though. I spent almost everyday with her, and we were very close.


Over the last summer (the one before college) She would get very upset that i was going to a different school. I had to just to get a little space. I wanted to go where she was, but i just needed to live a little on my own. I was only a half an hour down the road so it wasn't a big deal to go and see her on weekends. She would keep telling me "You're going to leave me in college", "You'll fall in love with the next girl that comes around". I told her i don't want that to happen to us. We had a great relationship together. I thought college would help her grow up a little bit and live on her own. I wanted her to mature to be better if we did get married. By growing up, i mean she does'n't have a license or a car. She is now 19 and still can't drive. I did all the driving, and i really didn't mind. Anywho she would always write me letter about how in love she was, and that she never thought she would find "the one" in highschool, but she knows she did. Ok i was cool with that, i just wanted her to grow up.



So we went our separate ways to college. She was very upset the night we left and wrote me an email, about how much she would miss me and how she never wants me to forget about her, and how much she really loves me.



Well, the first weekend i went out and stayed with her in her room. She was very strange when i got there.She was very distant she really didn't talk to me at all. She wouldn't really look at me and wouldn't tell me what was wrong. She finally got over it and we just hung out for a while and everything seemed great. Over the next week she was acting weird again. She didn't really want to talk to me on the phone, she didn't want to talk to me at all really. Ok i thought that was really weird, maybe she was just having trouble in college. Well i made plans to see her the next friday. I wasn't happy were i was, and the college she is at was my first choice anyway. I was talking to some friends that went there and were in my program. Since i was thinking of going there because i wasn't really happy. I met up with her and we went out to dinner that night. We had a nice time she was acting really distant and cold again. I knew something was wrong because the ring i gave her, wasn't on her finger and she had a guitar pick on her key chain. She just said "I lost it".


On the way home from that, she sends me a text message, yes a text message, saying "Babe i think we need a break". I had to pull over to regain myself. I was already having a tough time where i was and now my world came crashing down. Over the next few weeks i begged and i cryed on the phone. IT must have sounded pretty ugly. But i did it. I went up to her college for her birthday and sang her a song that she loved. Total surprise. Well her reaction was kind of a not really caring reaction. That hurt alot. And i knew that was the last thing i was going to do for her.



Fast forward about a month or so. I took her out to coffee one day, to try to figure out where i stand. We had a good conversation about school, i was very upbeat about everything. Then she started talking to me about girls and there is girl she met that she thinks i would like... I wasn't happy about that. I can find my own girls. I asked her during our coffee outing, about what our chances were of getting back together. i get the answer "Not good", and i wanted a percentage. She says "20%, i don't want to make any promises"

I was pretty angery, it made me feel she was just trying to get me to hang on to her. And a few weeks later i saw why she did that.



Two days she was talking to me once in a while in a friendly way. She started to ask me for things, like passwords to accounts so she could use them. Well i payed for these accounts and she got mad when i wouldn't give her the password. I got so mad that she was just using me. I called her later that day and told her, to not talk to me again, and that she has to grow up.

She got mad and hung up on me. I sent her a pretty nasty email. But it fit for the time. I could tell she was playing me.



Now the really good part starts. 1 and a half weeks later. I see on her facebook "In a relationship with....." I don't think i have ever been so mad in my life. But i did not say a word to her. I made it look like i didn't care at all.

I kept my 30 days of NC


So over Thanksgiving break i happen to see her at a few places. We never talked face to face. But when we were watching movies with some friends she starts texting me. "Did you hook up with any ladies at school", i never told her a damn thing. She asked 8 more times after that. I sent her an email to about all the good memories we had. I didn't say anything about the new boyfriend. I just wanted to say thanks and goodluck. She just kept telling me how great the new guy is, and how i need to find someone to make me happy.




I'll throw some quotes in here to show what i mean.


" I'm really happy with my boyfriend right now, he's a good guy"


"I know you think one of the reasons that I left you was for another guy, but it wasn't at all. It obviously seems that way because I have another boyfriend already but we were just friends at that point"


" I found someone that makes me happy and that I have a lot in common with, and I know that makes me seem like a jerk telling you this but I want you to find the same thing. I'm in no way trying to rub it in your face, it's just that until I met him I never realized how much you and I were different."


" I know its hard to see it now but when you find that girl that makes you happy you'll be able to understand"


"I really hope you find that girl that makes you happy. Good Luck with everything!!!! Still going to be seeing you at ********?"


Those were all from that email. In order, i just took out some of the other stuff.



After that she contacts me two more times. Within the last few weeks. She asked me once for a video that i showed her 8 months ago. The second time she was asking about my Schedule for next semester since i am transfering there.



As of right now, she is at her boyfriends for a week or so. I know this because she was telling people the last time i saw her and she was like 3 feet from me talking loudly.


So right now i am in my anger stage of this. It's 3 and a half months since the break-up, she had a new boyfriend in a month and a half.


I know the new guy, i met him once actually. He seems like a real tool. He just doesn't seem like a good person. She hasn't posted anything about him anywhere. I look from time to time. Just to see what's going on. I rarely see anything. ON her IM, she doesn't have him in her profile or away messages. It looks like she is trying to hide it.


But right now i have a bunch of girls that have some interest. I'm pretty happy to be on my own. I know she would be all over me. Asking who iv been with and who i hang out with, if we were still together. It's actually been really nice as much as i missed her. I don't know if i would get back together with her ever again. She has to grow up alot.


So that's my story. I hope it can help someone out there. Because im just about done getting over it and i am so happy!




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