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Does this only happen to me???


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I try anything to get a girlfriend, but the only thing I reach is another round of depression and it turns out that the girl isn't interested in me, or she just wants to hang out cuz' she's bored... So I guess I'm just a stupid carpet where to clean the shoes from dirt...




I've discovered that trying to be a "nice guy" is stupid, girls like me more when I remain a silly dude, anyway, nothing happens...


I try to be talkative and funny, that really works, you gain popularity, but it somehow never brings me further...


I've tried finding an activity - found an activity, found a girl, BING, i'm nothing but a "good friend", she just seems to be a simple party girl with nothing else in her mind...


Almost all girls I like have boyfriends, so, trying is WORTHLESS...


Am I the only one with SUCH problems???

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Stop trying so hard and beating yourself up over it! Trust me when it's meant to happen it will! Hang out, be good friends with the girl and see what happens. In my opinion that is where any good relationship should start, with a solid friendship. PLUS...even if you just remain 'good friends' with her maybe she will point you in the right direction! I was firends with this guy for years and that's all it was, BUT I introduced him to a friend of mine and they've been together for 4 years!


BY THE WAY...being a nice guy isn't stupid! Of course girls like the silly you, because you are relaxed and not trying to get a girlfriend when your being goofy. Nice guys are hard to come by and if you are honstly a nice guy the right girl will see that and love you for it!


Give it time. Don't try to rush into anything....just go with the flow and let things happen.


Take care


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Hey CrazyKing I got the same problem as you. This always happens to me. Each time I hang out with a girl I like it turns out that she only wants to be my friend or already has a boyfriend. Don't feel depressed now since now you know that your not the only one out there with this problem. Well I hope that you find the rgiht girl for you. I hope for the same for myself. Maybe it will all end really soon.

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