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Loss of Attraction


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This is what I am getting from this.


1. She wants you to spend more time with her. (even though you work 40 hrs as most people have to do to get by).

2. She tells you she doesn't feel you are attracted to her. I take she is telling you this because she wants more attention.

3. She feels emotionally attached to you. This is why she keeps you around.

4. She met another guy who most likely makes her feel pretty good about herself. Feeds her ego.

5. She wants to hang out with him in addition to you. Expects you to stick around.

6. You said yourself that she is inconsiderate of other people's feelings


It really sounds to me that she is being selfish in addition to inconsiderate. All I hear is take, take, take. It's obvious that you really love her, but she is taking advantage of that. Mabey you need to tell her how hurtful this is to you and not subject yourself to this. Id walk away. She is obviously no where ready to commit. She still has lessons to learn on her own, the hard way.

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I think it goes beyong being inconsiderate and simply selfish. Everyone is selfish to some degree. She is actively lying to him and saying things that are out of line. That falls more into the lack of integrity category in my mind.


Him telling her he is hurt etc is not going to make her "realize" what she is doing is hurtful. She alredy knows that. Your right she not ready to commit. At least not to him.

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I would say that she may not be inherently insensitive but something in the recent past could have made her so. At 2 years the honeymoon period is over and she could just be bored and want to move on for that reason.


I think it is possible to get bored with a "perfectly good" relationship.

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