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I had a heart to heart with SO...


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and he asked me what I hoped to gain from tellling him what I did and that just didnt sound right to me. It wasnt about gaining anything. There were things I had to acknowledge about our relationship and how I treated him. I cant think of a better way of saying it then I did it to gain something? That is not how I feel.


We got into an argument and having been talking to each other and we are seeing if we can work things out.

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He didnt say it in a nasty tone. He was open to the conversation. He wanted to know where my head was at. I didnt hope to gain anything, I just think there is a better way to say that and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I am having a brain fart.

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I agree that there is a better way for him to say what he did. His asking what you hope to gain sounds a bit stand-offish to me.


Maybe he was asking you to tell him some things more explicitly? Like this thing or that thing needs to change? I guess it depends on how specific you were in the conversation on whether this was what he was asking

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