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Ok, Ive posted on here a couple times about my situation..

anyway.. to make a long story short. I went to my crushes party for Halloween. Hes a guy I work with, and hes also my friend.

I feel a very strong connection w/ him.


hes in an on/off again relationship with his girlfriend. Its apparent that they have their problems. They fought at his party and she left.

I brought him a bottle of wine that he likes and he thanked me and was really sweet. Like I said.. we are friends and I feel something so much more for him. He knows Ive been having problems with my boyfriend.

Because We discuss our relationships.


At the end of the night, he said "Well, thank you for coming" and it was a bit awkard and he put out his hand to shake it! LOL

He didnt do this to anybody else.

Im confused...

My friend told me maybe it means.. "I really wanted to hug you, but I cant do that..were both in relationships...etc etc.. so I will shake your hand instead"

Perhaps it was just a handshake...who knows.

Every once in awhile, I feel like he may like me.

I think about him constantly.


So girls, guys.. what do you think the handshake could have meant? He didnt do it to anyone else... so I dont understand. It was funny!!! LOL

ANY input on this will be greatly appreciated!!!



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sounds to me like he was avoiding the hug for some reason. I don't know why, doesn't mean he doesn't like you, maybe he felt awkward or maybe it's something you don't know about. I don't know I didn't witness it so it's kinda hard to give good input.

Maybe you should ask him, (I'm a guy) if I did that and you asked me about it, I'd tell you what was up cause there was a reason he was avoiding the hug. if he says he just felt like a handshake, I think it's a lie. If he does lie though, don't feel bad because he may feel uncomfortable. I suggest you ask him though.

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With this situation I would say that he is not ready for a relationship with you, but rather you are a friend that could possibly be more later, it's either a timing thing, or he could be a player. It sounds like he's stringing you along. Men in current relationships are in them for their own reasons, some more odd than others, but the fact remains that he is still her boyfriend and not yours and you need to respect that. I would tell him straight up "Come see me when you are broken up with your girlfriend. Until then, leave me alone." You don't see him leaving her for you, do you? They almost never do, it's usually all talk. You have a boyfriend too. I think you need to think a lot about your own relationship more than his. I know it's hard to believe sometimes but players are really good at convincing you that things aren't good in their current relationship (hence the argument - which very possibly could have been about you and that's why he avoided the hug?)... anyway, a player can convince you that things are not good in his current relationship so it gives you that glimmer of hope that you can make him happy or that you feel like you can give him something that she doesn't. And they have no intention of leaving their partner. Don't fall into this trap, if you think it may be that. This is not to say that he is definitely doing this to you, I'm just giving you the heads up, I don't know him but if he talks to you personally about his relationship problems that is a huge red flag.... think about it, if you were in a relationship with him, you wouldn't want him. If you found out he was talking to another girl (in person, not an advice place like this) about your problems how would it make you feel? I think the main key here is that you are not happy with your boyfriend. Otherwise you would not find this guy so intriguing. Sort out your current relationship before you end up hurting your boyfriend AND his girlfriend. It's not worth it!!!! Ask anyone who's been hurt before by something like this. I know you don't want to inflict pain upon anyone, so please figure out what you want in your own life before you destroy someone else's... things can go too far, really quickly, and before you know it, you're in too deep.

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