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virginity will it hurt?

alexia denise

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Hurt physically? It will depend on many things, like whether she uses tampons or personal sex toys, how relaxed she is at the time, and how considerate he is as her partner....


Hurt emotionally? Almost a guaranteed yes, considering the details you posted.

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When I lost mine, it didn't hurt one bit, contrary to what I'd heard. But I was also with someone who turned me on a LOT and who I trusted. I think that can make a difference.


If she barely knows this guy, she'll probably be a nervous and tense, which could make penetration more difficult and painful. Physical and emotional comfort really are the most important things in considering this.

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That is the more trivial between the two, and the one with the least lasting effect. Too bad...


Yep, I agree. This is a recipe for an emotional disaster. Having sex with some random guy in order to lose her virginity...she is going to feel like trash afterwards...not to mention the fact that if this guy is willing to oblige, who knows what she can catch from him. She doesn''t sound too smart so you might want to remind her about the STDs issue. You also might want to recommend that she buy some condoms in case Mr. Stud doesn't come prepared. At 18 years old she should be focusing on her real future, not on getting her first sexual encounter over with.

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Not if he goes hella slow, LOL!!!


Thinking back on how I lost my virginity, makes me laugh soooo hard!!!


It must have taken forever!


When it would start to hurt, I'd tell him to stop. He'd stop, and we'd just be laying there for a while, and then I told him he could go a little further. And then when it hurt, I'd tell him to stop, LOL!


Eventually he got all the way through, LOL! It makes me think of an inch worm, a little tiny but at a time. But it worked.


Whew!!! That was a lonnnnnnng process! But he was really patient with me. So it wasn't really painful.


It took a little getting used to, there was stinging, but it wasn't at all a REALLY painful experience.


Hopefully your man will be gentle and patient with you the first time.


P.S. I lost my virginity at age 20. I never masturbated in my entire life. There is some blood, but not much.

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ummm.... Yea it hurts like hell.... i bled a little , like drops each time i had sex with him like after the third time it didn't bleed anymore..... but I REGRET loosing my virginity because I did not plan on spending my life with this guy and I wanted to experience not realizing what i was doing that my virginity was all i kept safe 21 yrs. here comes this ugly skinny guy who is a jerk and turned out to be one and i loose it... It hurts a lottttttt and more EMOTIONALLY NOW bc i made a mistake. I didn't know him good. He left after he got what he wanted. TELL HER DO NOOOOOOT DO IT!

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Tell her you did some research on the net and that in some cases some women can't walk for a week afterwards........(that is after bleeding to death) also tell her that she won't be able to sit down either; so in effect, she will have to lay on her stomach for a fortnight afterwards.





WOW, really? I could walk just fine afterwards and didn't bleed at all. I didn't think it hurt at all, the guy I lost my virginity to told me 'If you can take three of my fingers, you can take me'..LOLOL!

SO thats how we did it. LOLOL!

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Dundas and Bloor? Better than Jane and Finch...Jokes. I have no experience...but it'll probably hurt. Try to talk her out of it.


well that true jane finch is a terrible are..but she is rich half black half white girl who is very foolish i have been trying to tell her not to but .. i guess she think std is kool..... i think she is hopless i guess that how kids who were home skooled behave

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