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My boyfriend and I talked about some private things from our past. He said he stole condoms and used them to masturbate. Earlier in this forum, when he carries condoms 1 out of 10 usually do, and they are no rookie. Anyway, my point...I don't believe that he was a virgin. I know it doesn't matter now we are together. But, sex has always been very emotional for me. Nor, have I done it with anyone in the past. It bugs me so much. I sit him down and ask him if he was a virgin. He says yes, no....etc....like he doesn't know what his answer should be. To me, it sounds like he is lying. He has trouble being honest with me. I love him. He is an awesome person. He is very supportive. Times he can be a little bit controlling but eventually he changes rather quickly. He wanted me to be quiet while we were in bed I couldn't help but to ask him if he's ever done it before. He said I don't know. Hmm...what should I know? Do I have to keep asking him if he was a virgin? Should I be impressed with that?

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Why is this important to you? do you think he will love you less if he had sex with someone before you?


you say its all about being honest , but still why do you ask this question, is him not being with you, and loving you now all that is important, why does his past have anything to do with how he feels for you now?


you know, he may have had a non penetration sexual experience, and doesnt know how to explain that to you, do you really want to hear the details of this? why?


I definatly dont care is a woman has had sex before, (actually i prefer they have) and there past is there past, whats important is what they learned from those experinces and how they apply it to me in the present.


We all make mistakes, even you will, and its very likely that someday you will be with another man, do you really want him asking you about your past experinces? do you think thats healthy for a relationship?


What do you want to believe that this man was put on the earth to be some kind of virgen specifically to discover you, a custom tailored man sent from heaven just for you? c'mon!.


he is afraid to answer those questions because he either doesnt know how to answer them or he is afraid of how you will react, and frankly I dont blame him.


If he was the one, posting here, and asking for advice because his GF is not satisfied with his love for her now, that for some reason she wants to believe that he was incapapble of loving anyone until he met her, id say she was insecure, and to be careful about this one.

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