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Hello board. I find this site very helpful with members readily to give good relationship advice. This topic i find interesting is about exes. All of us have them and hate them too. What i find most amusing is of course it is inevitable that people will break up but if your partner goes about it to sabotage the relationship and play mind games with you and all, why is it that after maybe some years they try to initiate contact with you. What i find reoccurent is the fact that they believe the grass is greener onthe other side which is always not, then they try to hop back into your life with all sorts of excuses and rabbling. I brought this up as my ex who is a single mum with a child from another relationship decided to break it up with me. she went to her ex after we had been together for 3 yrs. It was really heartbreaking for me as her parents had talked to her about her decision and all and she kept on playing mind games with me and taunting me. Now, she claims she made a big mistake and sort of wants to get some way in with her very ming playing email she sent me to see if i still love her. I of course blew her off and find no excuses for her actions. It dont want to sound sadistic but sometimes if exex try to woo themselves into our lives after treating us terribly it is sort of the best feeling in the world but we shouldnt give them a chance. My motto is opportunity comes but once. How do you feel about this?

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Been there, done that. Exes leave and find that they made a mistake. Come back after a while. Yeah right. My thoughts on the matter is "Hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice, shame on me."


If it was easy to leave someone once, it will be easier the second, third, etc. And the party loses more respect for you each time you back down.


She made her bed, now let her sleep in it.

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