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Hey my name is josh, I need help there is this girl i like and i havent really thought about goin out with a girl in a long while because my last girlfriend really hurt me emotionally and i was scared. But there this girl in my last period class her name is yvette i flirt with her alot and whether it makes a difference im white shes mexican ive known her for a while and she flirts with me to. me and her we play like those hand games not holding hands or nothing but i mean like squeesin each others hands to see how much we can take and then we juss sit there for a lil bit somewhat holding hands and then when everyone gets done with our work the teacher lets everyone do whatever and sit wherever and me and her usually sit next to each other and when we all juss chill she lays her head on my sholder. And Friday (yesterday 10-11-03) We had a pep rallyat 3:00 during lass Period Class and i let her wear my Jersee and she said if you want it back you have to sit with me at the peprally and she rapped her arm around my arm and we walked like that all the way to the guym And then during the pep rally she laid her head on my sholder again and then after it was all over she wanted me to walk with her after school so we walked down with a bunch of other people and when the teachers let us go she rapped her arm around mine again and we walked out in front of the school and we started talkin to our friend candy and matt and me and yvette started jokin around again and matt said why dont yall juss go out and i cant really remember if she said anything or not BUT can anyone help me on what i should do? this is the first girl i have actually liked in a long time as more than a friend please juss give me advice on things i should do because im super shy when it comes to girls plz juss help me thnx JOSH

p.s. Sorry it was like a story and so long

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